is inviting people with bipolar disorder to share their personal stories with the world.  If you have tips, success/horror stories or any details in general that you’d like to share about living with bipolar disorder, now’s your chance for your voice to be heard!

So—if you’d like your personal story about bipolar disorder published on, here’s how to participate: In 100 words or less per question, answer as many or as few of the questions below. Please be sure to include your first name, city and state and if you’re willing, a photo of yourself to run with the article.

Also, if you’d like to submit photos of yourself, please feel free to send them as attached file for us to run with your story.

When you’re finished, email your answers (with the questions included) to with “My Bipolar Story” in the subject line.

The Questions 

  • When were you diagnosed with bipolar disorder?  What were your symptoms, and what was your reaction when you were diagnosed?

  • Do you feel comfortable talking about your bipolar disorder with people? In what circumstances does it come up most often?

  • In terms of discussing your bipolar disorder, how do people generally react when you discuss your condition with them?  What, if any, stigma have you encountered when disclosing your disorder?

  • If you’re a parent, and any of your children inherited bipolar disorder, how did they react when they were diagnosed and found out it was genetic link?

  • If there was a pill that could rid you of bipolar disorder completely, what kind of side effects would you be willing to endure from the pill?

  • Do you use any prescription medications to treat your bipolar disorder? If you opt out of using prescription medication, why and what treatment methods do you prefer?

  • What type of therapy have you found to be the most helpful (i.e. psychotherapy, medication, homeopathy, etc.)? What brought you to that course of treatment?

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  • Are there any particular over-the-counter products or home remedies that you have found to help control your symptoms?

  • Can you feel when the shift from depression to mania or vice versa is coming? If so, what does it feel like to you?

  • Do you feel the changing of seasons has an impact on your disorder?

  • Has your condition ever affected your job, or acquiring a job? If so, please share.

  • Has your condition ever caused a problem in your romantic relationships? If so, how did you overcome them?

  • Has your bipolar disorder created any type of pattern when it comes to meeting someone new (i.e. distrust, immediate attachment, etc.)?

  • In terms of support, what advice would you give to the spouse/partner of someone suffering from bipolar disorder?

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  • Was there ever any instance where you knew a particular stressful situation you knew would be problematic, but you took preventative measures that actually helped? What were they?

  • In terms of impact, how many times per day do you think about your condition?  Over the years, do you find the time spent thinking about your bipolar disorder has increased or decreased?

  • How do you think the perception of bipolar disorder has changed in the past 10 years? 

  • Can you provide any tips to others with bipolar disorder?

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