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Overcome the Fear of Needles with Pablo the Pufferfish

One of the best ways to make the experience of getting a shot less traumatic is to give your child something fun to play with. Healthline's Pablo the Pufferfish app is the perfect companion for your child's next doctor's appointment. It is clinically proven that distraction helps ease the pain of getting a shot, so make sure your child is playing with the Pablo the Pufferfish app during their next immunization.

The innovative, interactive storybook game follows Pablo the Pufferfish as he learns to overcome his fear of needles. Not only will your children learn about why needles help protect them, but they will have a ton of fun.

Help Kids Overcome Fear of Needles
with this Free iPhone Game!

Pablo's Story:

Can you imagine a pufferfish afraid of his own needles? Well, Pablo was. One day when Pablo was practicing his puffing powers, he saw his reflection in an open clamshell. Pablo screamed, “Nnnneedle!" He almost fainted at the mere sight of himself! Ever since that day, Pablo was afraid of needles. Until, one day Pablo had to protect his friends from a mean, hungry shark named Germ.



  • Vibrant illustrations, professional narration with multiple characters, original music, fun sound effects
  • Two interactive Jigsaw puzzles
  • Two drag and drop games
  • Visual index allows you to move to your favorite pages and puzzles
  • No internet connection required
  • For kids 0- 11