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Why BigShots?
BigShots is designed to make your child’s next trip to the doctor a more pleasant experience. Nobody likes getting shots, but by following the story of Pablo the Pufferfish, your child will learn that getting a shot actually protects people from getting sick. By letting your child use BigShots when they’re about to receive a shot, you’re providing both an educational tool and way to keep your child distracted. Many doctors and pediatricians agree that education and distraction are some of the most effective methods to prevent kids from developing a fear of needles that can stay with then well into adulthood.

Getting around BigShot is easy. From the home screen, click the arrow in the upper right hand corner. If you want to skip or go back, click the “menu” icon in the bottom right corner and you can preview and skip to any scene in the story.

BigShots includes several puzzles that are part of the story. To complete the puzzle, simply drag and drop the puzzle pieces to their corresponding locations in the center of the screen. You can always skip the puzzles and move on through the story by clicking the arrow in the top right.

The audio and music for BigShot plays from the speaker on your iPhone. To control the volume, simply use the + and – buttons on the left side of your iPhone handset.