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We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Here’s our process.

Wrinkle creams aren’t one-size-fits-all: Different products are formulated to address specific problem areas, such as the eyes or neck. While there may be some overlap, the creams on our list are some of the best in each category.

While no at-home wrinkle cream will give the same results as dermatological procedures, like laser resurfacing, these products live up to their claims.

Price range guide:

  • $ (less than $25)
  • $$ (between $26 and $94 )
  • $$$ ($95 and up)

SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum

Price: $$$

Available from SkinMedica, Amazon, and some dermatologist offices.

Healthline’s medical review team loves the SkinMedica line, and this product in particular, calling it “worth the splurge.”

TNS Essential Serum is good for all skin types and can be used on the entire face, neck, and chest. It contains antioxidants such as green tea extract and vitamins E and C, which target fine lines, wrinkles, and crepey skin.

This serum also contains alpha-arbutin, a glycoside that lightens dark spots and brightens skin tone. The proteins and amino acids in its proprietary formula are meant to help reduce inflammation.

SkinMedica TNS Eye Repair

Price: $$$

Available from SkinMedica and Amazon.

This eye repair cream has a rich, velvety feel. It contains collagen-building peptides, antioxidants, and retinyl palmitate, a mild retinoid that customers find tolerable around the eyes because it doesn’t sting.

The cream is meant to be applied with a spatula to the under-eye area and around the creases of the eyes, where it can reduce fine lines and crow’s feet. It isn’t meant to be applied to the upper eyelid, as it can be irritating if it gets into the eyes.

SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Eye Complex for Dark Circles

Price: $$$

Available from SkinCeuticals.

If dark circles and under-eye puffiness plague you as much as crow’s feet, this eye cream from SkinCeuticals may give you the results you’re looking for.

It contains dimethicone, a type of silicone that makes skin smooth and fills in fine lines, improving texture. It also has moisturizing glycerin, a highly effective humectant.

Users report seeing a positive difference in dark circles, puffiness, skin firmness, and elasticity over 2 to 3 months of twice daily use. This product is meant for normal or dry, aging skin. It may be too rich for oily or acne-prone skin.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Eye Gel-Cream

Price: $

Available from Neutrogena, Amazon, and in drugstores.

The active ingredient in this noncomedogenic gel-cream is hyaluronic acid. More than just this year’s buzzword, hyaluronic acid is a powerful humectant, able to bind close to a thousand times its weight in water. This keeps skin plumped, hydrated, and looking wrinkle-free.

This Neutrogena gel-cream is a great choice for those with normal to oily skin and fine lines. Users love that it absorbs quickly, without leaving a greasy feel. Unlike heavier eye creams, this product is light enough to use under makeup, without smudging.

RoC Retinol Correxion Anti-Aging Eye Cream Treatment

Price: $

Available from brick-and-mortar stores and Amazon.

If you have normal to dry skin and wrinkles, under-eye bags, or puffiness, this rich liquid eye cream is a good choice. It includes retinol, a mild retinoid that boosts collagen production and smooths out fine lines. Some men who use it like that it doesn’t have a lingering, flowery smell.

Make sure you give this product enough time to work. Some users report seeing fast results, but others say it takes 1 month or longer before seeing improvement.

As with some other products, there are also reports of counterfeiting. Make sure you buy this product in a retail store or from a reputable seller. If after purchase you notice that it seems very watery, you most likely have a counterfeit product.

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream

Price: $$

Available from Amazon, Olay, and brick-and-mortar stores.

Designed for aging, dry skin, Olay Regenerist contains wrinkle-fighting ingredients, such as hyaluronic extract, amino peptides, and vitamin E. It also contains carob extract, an antioxidant, to protect your skin from free radicals.

This cream is rich, dense, and has a very emollient feel on the skin. It’s available in both scented and fragrance-free versions. We also like that it’s a readily available drugstore option.

StriVectin TL Advanced Tightening Neck Cream PLUS

Price: $$

Available from StriVectin and Amazon.

The neck is one of the first areas of the face to show aging. Users give this product high marks for tightening and firming skin on the neck and chest. It also helps to reduce horizontal, fine lines on the throat and reduces the look of crepey skin.

If you have sensitive skin, do a patch test first. Some users say the product causes a temporary burning sensation.

Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream

Price: $

Available from Clarins and Sephora.

Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream helps to moisturize the skin on your hands, with shea as an ingredient. Other ingredients focus on lightening age spots and strengthening nails. What it won’t do is protect your skin from the sun, so don’t use it as a substitute for sunscreen.

Kiehl’s Age Defender Moisturizer

Price: $$

Available from Kiehl’s and Sephora.

Kiehl’s Age Defender Moisturizer contains caffeine, which can help reduce under-eye bags and brighten skin tone. It also has linseed oil for smoothing fine lines and softening irritated skin.

This cream smells great and is very thick. Start with using a small amount — a little goes a very long way.

Skin is skin, but if you’re looking for facial skin care products marketed to men, Kiehl’s has a line of options.

  • What do you have time for? If you already have a closet full of wrinkle creams, you know that one size doesn’t fit all. Before you buy, make sure you pick a product that you’ll use. A mistake many people make is spending oodles of money on a skin care system that contains lots of products and is more time consuming than their lifestyle allows.
  • What’s your skin type? Some wrinkle creams are designed for oily skin, while others are meant to help avoid wrinkling and may be best for young skin. And still others are designed to fight deep wrinkles and may be best for dry or older skin.
  • What’s your budget? The most expensive wrinkle creams out there aren’t necessarily the best. There are options for every budget, so don’t feel like you need to break the bank to get good results.
  • Do you trust the seller? We’ve already mentioned it, but it bears repeating: You can avoid buying counterfeit products by checking seller reviews. The seller and the manufacturer aren’t necessarily the same. If you have any doubts, buy directly from the manufacturer in store or online, or consult a dermatologist.
  • Do you have allergies or skin sensitivities? If you have sensitive skin, look for a hypoallergenic product, or one that is fragrance-free.

  • Use sunscreen. Wrinkle creams don’t take the place of sunscreen. Always use sunscreen in addition to your facial cream when you’re planning on being in the sun.
  • Follow the product’s directions. Some wrinkle creams are meant to be used specifically at night or during the day. Others are designed for twice daily use.
  • Consider how much to use. You may have to experiment with the amount of cream that you use. Too much, and your skin can’t absorb it and will feel greasy. Too little, and you may not reap the full benefits. Try using a small dab at first, and see how your skin responds.
  • Apply with care. Even creams that are designed for the eye area should be used carefully so that they don’t get into the eye and cause stinging or irritation.
  • Store it properly. Most wrinkle creams can be stored in a medicine cabinet or shelf in the bathroom, even if it gets humid.
  • Throw it away when needed. Don’t use a cream that’s past its expiration date. Also, don’t use the product if the scent changes, as this may mean that it’s gone bad.
  • Most importantly, give it time. Even the best wrinkle cream doesn’t provide immediate, dramatic results.

Wrinkle creams aren’t one-size-fits-all. There are many creams, available at many price points, that can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the face, eye area, neck, and chest. Before buying, take your age, skin type, and skin care habits into account.