There’s no one-size-fits-all definition for women’s health, but it doesn’t apply simply to what we eat. So when Healthline chose the year’s best women’s health blogs, we looked for the ones that are inspiring, educating, and empowering women to lead their best lives — in more ways than one.

Dr. Sara Gottfried

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Dr. Sara Gottfried is an MD and author who knows exactly what it’s like to burn the candle at both ends. Solving the health consequences of her own frazzled, frantic lifestyle became the Gottfried Protocol, which has helped thousands of people over the past 15 years. On her blog, Gottfried discusses food as medicine, hormones, and other pertinent health and wellness topics.

Nia Shanks

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Nia Shanks has a refreshingly straightforward approach to health and fitness — if nobody else can get you to lift weights, she will! — with none of the ambiguity or “magic pill” misdirection that plagues the industry. If you’re sick of fad diets, Nia is sharing guilt-free, no-nonsense information for realistic, sustainable change.

Healthy Women

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Designed to empower women to take charge of their own health, Healthy Women offers comprehensive information covering all aspects of healthy living. The blog features a great mix of relevant posts for women at all stages of life — pregnancy and parenting, sex and relationships, healthy aging, and more. Readers also have access to online health clinics, member networks, and education.

The Wellness Mama

Parents looking to raise healthier families will find lots of guidance from the Wellness Mama. Katie’s blog offers simple answers and advice from a team of researchers and medical advisers. Readers can browse practical tips, real food recipes, natural beauty and cleaning tutorials, natural remedies, and other information intended to make your life better.

Office on Women’s Health Blog

As the official blog of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women’s Health, there’s a lot of information here — and it’s all specific to women. Posts are varied, offering multiple topics and perspectives. Recent highlights touch on migraine, a caregiver’s journey, seasonal affective disorder, and healthy cooking tips.

Maze Women’s Better Sex Blog

The Maze Women’s team is made up of psychological and physiological experts, and they’re writing about the full range of female sexual health issues. From pelvic floor health to low libido to sex during pregnancy, no topic is off limits.

Black Women’s Health Imperative

The Black Women’s Health Imperative is the only national organization committed to improving the health and wellness of women of color on a physical, emotional, and financial level. In addition to information about their own programs and initiatives, the blog offers first-person stories about living as a black woman in America, as well as relevant health information affecting women of color.

International Women’s Health Coalition

The International Women’s Health Coalition champions the rights of girls and women across the globe. On the blog, the coalition shares current information about its fight to advance reproductive rights for women everywhere, opportunities for support and advocacy, and opinion pieces on relevant political policy.

Flo Living

Flo Living’s goal is to end the misinformation surrounding menstruation by educating women to properly care and nourish themselves for healthy hormonal balance. Recent posts include tips for stocking a hormone-healthy medicine cabinet, a guide to symptom-free perimenopause, and five ways hormonal birth control can disrupt dating.


Looking for “recipes, remedies, and routines to treat your body right”? Native New Yorker, DJ, and It girl Hannah Bronfman started HBFIT to share her tips and tricks for living a balanced, healthy lifestyle. The author is still doing just that, posting recipes, studio spotlights, health advice, and fitness tips in a voice that’s personable and insightful.

Run to the Finish

If you want to start running, but aren’t sure where to begin, this is a great place to start. Amanda Brooks is a certified personal trainer and running coach, and she’s here to help you every step of the way. On the blog, she’s sharing useful tips about all aspects of running and handy fitness tips in general — like workout hair mistakes that could be damaging your hair.

Sarah Fit

Young women looking for advice on clean eating and fitness will find it here. Sarah is a full-time health and fitness blogger sharing the latest research on nutritious recipes, the most effective workouts, women’s health tips, and plenty of motivational advice along the way. She also has an extensive prenatal fitness guide for moms-to-be.


The mission at Woman’s is to “improve the health of women and infants.” The blog in particular began as an avenue for reaching women and their families as they navigate things like parenting, cancer, and other health-related experiences. Browse member spotlights, parenting tips, nutrition advice, and much more.

Speaking of Women’s Health

A program of the Cleveland Clinic for Specialized Women’s Health, Speaking of Women’s Health is a great resource for expert advice. On the blog, a panel of professionals specializing in women’s health share current news, insights, and perspectives on topics of relevance — everything from menopause to nutrition to skincare to mammograms.

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Jessica Timmons has been a writer and editor for more than 10 years. She writes, edits, and consults for a great group of steady and growing clients as a work-at-home mom of four, squeezing in a side gig as a fitness co-director for a martial arts academy.