There’s no shortage of information on the internet about weight loss and fitness, but it can be a challenge to cut through the chatter about new diet trends and workout programs to find what works best for you.

The bloggers featured here address weight loss from a variety of perspectives — whether you’re just starting to explore the idea of healthy living or you’re a fitness buff searching for an inclusive community.

The Healthy Foodie

Who says healthy eating has to be boring? Certainly not Sonia Lacasse. The brains behind The Healthy Foodie blog, Sonia is a former smoker with overweight who started writing to keep a simple personal online food diary. Then it became a real passion. Today, The Healthy Foodie has easy and delicious recipes for people looking for nutritious meals that are definitely not boring. Anyone interested in a paleo lifestyle or just eating more healthfully will find a wealth of inspiration here.

Andie Mitchell

Best-selling author Andie Mitchell started her blog in 2010 to share her story of finding balance. And she knows what she is talking about — she dropped 135 pounds through eating better and exercise. Along with the weight loss posts and picture-perfect recipes, Andie writes like a friend who gets it and never wants anyone else to go it alone.

ACE Exercise Library

ACE, the nonprofit exercise professional and health coach certification organization, believes movement is at the core of what it means to feel healthy, to feel alive, and to engage in the human experience. Its exercise library offers a variety of movements to accompany any weight loss or wellness goals — from total-body exercises to moves that target specific areas of the body. Each comes with a detailed description and photos to help ensure proper form.

Body Rebooted

Body Rebooted is focused on three important fundamentals — fitness, food, and family. Run by health and wellness coach Christina Russell, the blog focuses on balance and includes tons of gluten-free recipes, home workout videos, and tips for self-care.

A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss

After Erika Nicole Kendall lost 170 pounds through diet and exercise, she started her blog to help others follow her example of going from couch potato to trainer. A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss is an extension of Erika’s fitness philosophy — compassion, positive body image, pleasure, consistency, mindfulness, and varying one’s methods of goal measurement. The site tells Erika’s story but also features recipes, posts on body image, and tips for training.

Runs for Cookies

At her maximum weight of 253 pounds, Katie Foster never imagined she’d one day be a runner. But after dropping 125 pounds, she started Runs for Cookies to share her thoughts on exercise and healthy eating. Nearly 10 years after dropping the weight, Katie uses her blog as a peek inside her life. There are recipes, inspirational stories, tales from the day-to-day, and resources for those just starting on their own weight loss journeys, including training plans.

Workout Mommy

The tagline for Workout Mommy is “fitness secrets from a badass single mom,” and the blog delivers. Run by a former personal trainer, Workout Mommy aims to provide motivation, inspiration, and ideas on how to fit exercise and wellness into your busy day. It also offers real-life advice for busy parents on developing healthy habits, dealing with anxiety, and meeting your fitness goals.

The Lean Green Bean

Run by a registered dietitian, The Lean Green Bean features healthy recipes, nutrition information, workouts, and a candid look at motherhood. You won’t find details on crash dieting or the latest fads here. Instead, the blog is dedicated to connecting with your body and learning to eat for both nourishment and enjoyment — perfect for those trying to embrace healthy living in an uncomplicated and inexpensive way.

Carrots ‘N’ Cake

Carrots ‘N’ Cake is where Tina Haupert shares her love of food, staying fit, and living a healthy life. It originally started as a personal blog to hold herself accountable as her wedding day approached, then it grew into a go-to resource for all things healthy living. The blog boasts macro-friendly recipes, running training plans, and advice gleaned from Tina’s life as a personal trainer and mom.

Fit Girl’s Diary

Fitness trainer and nutritionist Monica May challenges herself daily to get stronger physically and mentally, and her blog makes it possible to help you do the same. Complete with workout programs, diet plans, and hundreds of articles, Fit Girl’s Diary is a go-to source for motivation and support.

Snack Girl

Lisa Cain started Snack Girl following one simple thought: If she could replace cookies, chips, ice cream, and candy with something healthy, that could be a start toward a healthier lifestyle. Quickly, the idea grew to include meals and desserts, and now the blog features recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as food product reviews.


The force behind Powercakes is Kasey Brown, a certified personal trainer and healthy living blogger on a mission to empower kids and help women love their bodies while finding inspiration through fitness and food. Whether you’re looking for product recommendations, power drink recipes, or workout suggestions, Powercakes has it all.

Food Heaven

Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones are registered dietitians and best friends who team up to offer a plant-based food guide full of recipes, nutrition tips, and wellness resources for the budget-minded and time-conscious. The blog offers go-to posts about health for all sizes, food and culture, intuitive eating, mental health, and body acceptance. Their style is friendly and upbeat, with topics many of us can identify with, like “What to do when you’re sick of cooking” and “Joyful movement for people who don’t like exercise.”

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