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Swim, bike, run.

Those three words might not mean much to some, but triathletes know otherwise. This ultimate cross-training sport can be great for a variety of skill levels — you can start with a short sprint and work your way up. Are you a triathlete or interested in becoming one? Check out these 12 blogs for inspiration. Keep calm and tri on!

Written by Scott Dunlap, a technology entrepreneur who started trail running and triathloning in 2001 to balance out his time in an office, this blog focuses on his running adventures and racing. He takes tons of pictures during all the races he participates in, giving a welcome personal perspective.

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This is the official site of XTERRA racing. It’s a twist on a typical triathlon, consisting of a 1.5-km swim, 30-km mountain bike ride, and 11-km trail run in most cases. XTERRA provides all the latest news about races throughout the United States. You’ll also find training plans to get you in shape for this unique race.

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Hilary JM Topper is behind A Triathlete’s Diary. She didn’t care for exercising, so her running journey didn’t start until middle age. She ran her first half-marathon at 47, and shortly after that completed her first triathlon. Now she blogs about her training, product reviews, and keeps everything very real.

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On Slowtwitch, find anything and everything you need to know about triathlons. The blog was founded by Dan Empfield, who created the original triathlon wetsuit. Articles, videos, and a forum populate this information-dense site to help you dive deep into the ins and outs of swimming, running, and biking. One specific forum is dedicated to women in the sport. There’s great advice and conversation to be had here.

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This blog by triathlete Megan Hode gives us an inside look into this Ironwoman’s life. She chronicles each race and preparation for each race. She also shares her goals and inspires her readers with encouraging words and the truth about the sport.

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Joe Friel has been a coach for endurance athletes since 1980. He has authored books, given seminars, and founded websites all on the topic. His blog is for “the serious endurance athlete who wants to stay current on the science and art of training” for the sport. He publishes his thoughts and ideas here before they are published anywhere else.

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Lionel Sanders is a professional triathlete sponsored by Freshii, Louis Garneau, Skechers, Infinit Nutrition, Cycle Culture, HED, and PowerTap. He writes in-depth recaps of each race, shares some of his training via videos, and speaks from the heart about lessons he’s learned along the way.

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Founded by Ben Hobbs, TRS Triathlon covers the triathlon world with dry humor and wit. TRS Radio produces podcasts interviewing notable triathletes, and the TRS racing team is full of people of different ages, ethnicities, and genders.

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This blog is a great resource that provides information on training for a triathlon swim. Go from a struggle to “laughing at the water!” For those needing specific advice on the swim leg of a triathlon, TriSwimCoach is for you.

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The Human Cyclist is written by an unnamed London cycling blogger who provides weekly posts about road biking. If you’re interested in the bike leg of a triathlon and searching for advice from someone more seasoned, this is the place to come.

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Edited and authored almost exclusively by Pete Larson — a running enthusiast, coach, and writer with a doctorate in biology — Runblogger is the place to come for gear reviews. Interested in how a specific shoe fits and feels? Look no further!

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This is written by a triathlete who started his blog the day he signed up for Ironman Canada. It started as a personal training log, then product reviews became part of the mix. And now, those are sort of his “thing.” He lives in Paris and works full time on his blog and sport.

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Nicole Bowling is a Boston-based writer, ACE-certified personal trainer and health enthusiast who works to help women live stronger, healthier, happier lives. Her philosophy is to embrace your curves and create your fit — whatever that may be! She was featured in Oxygen magazine’s “Future of Fitness” in the June 2016 issue.