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Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is brain damage resulting from a sudden blow or jolt to the head. Different situations can cause these injuries, such as a fall, an auto accident, physical assault, sports injuries, or being struck in the head by an object. At least 1.7 million cases of TBI occur in the United States every year, according to the .

TBI is serious and can trigger problems with behavior, cognitive ability, communication, and sensation. Some survivors are unable to maintain their independence. And because of the abrupt shift in the person’s life, the condition is also challenging for family members.

Fortunately, you don't have to search far for information and support. Whether you’re looking for coping tips or want to read about people who are in similar situations, these blogs provide the assistance you need and deserve.

BrainLine.org’s Blogs

BrainLine.org Blogs

Brainline.org is an excellent resource of information related to TBI, including prevention, treatment, and coping advice. It’s not just a resource for people living with the condition, but it’s also a fantastic tool for family and friends seeking information and guidance. What’s more, the site hosts four personal blogs written by people with various perspectives on TBI, including spouses and caregivers. Visit the blog.

The Journey Home

The Journey Home by the Center of Excellence for Medical Multimedia has no shortage of information related to TBI. This site is an outstanding resource, whether you’re a patient, caregiver, relative, or friend. The more you understand about TBI, the easier it is to cope as a survivor or loved one. You'll find articles related to mild, moderate, and severe TBI, as well as information on how caregivers can begin their journey. Visit the blog.

Brain Trauma Foundation

Through clinical research, the Brain Trauma Foundation tries to improve the outlook and attitude of people living with TBI. Their blog is committed to providing informative, up-to-date content on many different aspects of brain injury, from how science can make football safer to research that has unveiled new methods of understanding and treating concussions.Visit the blog.


BrainInjury.com offers one of the largest collections of online information related to brain injury. The site does an excellent job educating its readers and increasing awareness about TBI. Whether it’s information on symptoms and causes of brain injuries or about the latest medical research, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for here. The blog also shares moving, powerful stories from people with TBIs and what recovery has been like for them. Visit the blog.

Traumatic Brain Injury Blog

Vermont personal injury attorney Robert Luce and his legal nurse consultant Marie Whitbeck help people who have brain injuries caused by negligence. Robert shares practical tips and advice to help people living with a brain injury. To keep his readers in the loop, he regularly posts links to new studies and recent developments in the TBI space. Visit the blog.

David’s Traumatic Brain Injury Blog

For reliable and candid information about TBI, David Grant is the person to follow! He’s lived with a brain injury since being hit by a car while cycling. His experience has been the inspiration behind some of his books and articles as a freelance writer. His blog is a source of reassurance and hope. You can read posts about life after brain injury or peruse information from a caregiver’s perspective. David’s example is a testament that you should never give up. Visit the blog.

Traumatic Brain Injury and Head Trauma Blog

This blog from the Neurologic Rehabilitation Institute at Brookhaven Hospital is committed to addressing the needs of these patients and being a source of encouragement. They provide a wealth of educational resources on brain injury, including a FAQ page and an Ask the Doctor section. Additionally, you’ll find helpful links to books, videos, case studies, and breakdowns of recent research on brain injury. Visit the blog.

Lash & Associates: Blog on Brain Injury

This blog by publishing company Lash & Associates gives survivors and their caregivers a voice. Here, you’ll find personal journey stories and a range of general information about TBI, such as care and treatment options. You’ll also read about the emotional toll these injuries can have on survivors and loved ones, including posts on grieving, loss, acceptance, and using words to heal.Visit the blog.

Adventures in Brain Injury

Cavin Balaster started this blog to document his recovery after a two-story fall in 2011. Over time, his blog evolved into a resource for helping other survivors in their journey to better health. It's an excellent place for solace, support, and expert insight. Watch a video on ways to stimulate your brain or check out the many podcasts offering advice for a successful recovery. Visit the blog.


This nonprofit organization’s mission is to bring awareness to TBI and provide survivors and their families with compassion and support. This blog has a large online community, which is perfect if you’re looking to connect and build a supportive network for yourself. Not only can you contribute your own story to the site, you can find tips and suggestions posted by others, such as ways to maintain an active life after brain injury.Visit the blog.

Kara Swanson's Brain Injury Blog

It's been 21 years since Kara Swanson's brain injury. Her blog is a tool to educate her readers and chronicle her recovery. She offers motivation, a dose of reality, and advice on coping through the recovery process. Kara talks through her highs and lows while maintaining a positive outlook on life. Visit her blog.

Shireen Jeejeebhoy’s Blog

A car accident in 2000 left Shireen Jeejeebhoy with a closed head injury. The injury occurred while she was in the middle of writing a book manuscript, and she had to put the project on hold as she relearned how to write and read. As her recovery progressed, she was able to complete the manuscript in 2006. She uses her blog as an instrument to share what she's learned about brain injuries.Visit the blog.

Who Am I to Stop It

“Who Am I to Stop It” is a documentary that explores the not-so-pretty side of living with a brain injury, such as the isolation, loneliness, and negative stigmas. On the filmmakers’ blog, they share personal stories, podcasts, advice on personal growth, and how you can use art as a healing tool. Visit the blog.