Calling all glow getters: To learn about skin care, you can read all the fancy product packages. Or simply take a cue from real people like you. Start with these bloggers, who are in-the-know about — and admittedly love — the endless array of treatments, lotions, and potions.

Every year we comb through hundreds of blogs to find those that go above and beyond to educate, inspire, and empower. We’ve been most impressed with these — and know you’ll love them, too. Their tips, tricks, and anecdotes will give you a fresh take on how you face the world.

Dr. Cynthia Bailey Skin Care

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Touted as the longest-running skin care blog written by a dermatologist, this easy scroll has a particular focus on anti-aging regimens and seasonal topics such as winter dryness and getting serious about sunscreen in summer. It’s great for anyone beginning their exploration of skin care, since topics are broad and information is delivered in a straightforward, prescriptive manner.

The Love Vitamin

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You’ll find the inside scoop on daily supplements, hormone testing, pore-unclogging secrets, and more here. The Love Vitamin is adept at easing concerns that come from oily and acne-prone skin. Those concerned with acne will find this blog really speaks to them, as founder Tracy has tons of tips for clearing it naturally. However, it’s an inspiring read for anyone looking to build confidence and find beauty within.

New Beauty

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The one’s for the beauty trend-obsessed (aka: anyone that gets FOMO if they don’t have the latest products or missed out on the week’s big sales). Get an inside look at the glam skin care routines of celebrities, editors’ firsthand testimonials about experiences and innovations, and tons of scoop from derms, plastics surgeons, and aesthetic experts.


As the name implies, this is a web store but it’s also a resource for anyone who is ready to move beyond moisturizer and wants some guidance on what’s right — from ingredients to application techniques. Gather intel on how to pick the best products, especially if you’re on a budget. No persuasion or judgments, just good honest advice delivered in an engaging, friend-to-friend manner.

Jenni Raincloud

For fans of the clean, natural, organic lifestyle, Jenni is an aesthetician based in Oklahoma who connects with those looking to make positive changes in their life.

Jenni offers help navigating the green beauty world, with a special focus on DIY skin care. She’ll tell you which essential oils to have in your library and even which plants to buy to improve your home air quality.


Devotees of Derma-E, the natural facial care brand, may already be familiar with this site. Yet anyone can stumble upon the blog if they’re searching the web for hot topics like hydration and hyaluronic acid. This blog covers all the basics.

You’ll find posts like “What is Sunscreen and How Does It Work?” alongside more niche topics like “The Difference Between Natural and Natural-Inspired Cosmetics and Personal Care Products.”

Green People

This blog is geared toward those who see skin care as a lifestyle and not just a routine. Posts are focused on life moments (running marathons, pregnancy, etc.) and give tips through the lenses of those experiences.

Broad seasonal topics are covered — like what’s “in” this spring — along with targeted issues, including how to deal with cracked nipples during breastfeeding. The content is written by Green People employees with occasional guest posts from healthy living experts.

Beauty Bets

Anyone who loves scrolling through Instagram or getting information in juicy, dishy snippets will feel right at home here. Content is largely written by beauty writer and lifestyle editor Elizabeth Dehn (aka: “Bets”). You’ll find all the stuff you didn’t dare ask but are glad to read about — for example, how to re-apply your sunscreen without messing up your makeup and the antidandruff system that makes your hair look better.

One Love Organics

One Love is aimed at thoughtful beauty fans looking to make small, simple changes for a better and happier life. The overall approach is doing more with less. Readers can also search for ingredients that are natural and clean yet have an otherworldly power to detox and renew. The writers are big proponents of antioxidants.

Natural Beauty Workshop

This one’s for beauty DIY-ers and those interested in the journey of creating skin care and beauty products, not just shopping them from the aisles. You’ll find loads of natural beauty recipes — everything from bathtub treats to fragrances — along with resources on how to actually sell and market your creations.


Yon-Ka is a luxury Parisian brand that isn’t for the budget-conscious. Skin care aficionados who have been-there-shopped-that and want an elevated view on next-level products and routines to try will find lots of browse through here.

What it’s all about: Concern-driven topics like understanding your skin’s pH balance and conquering inflammation, with the occasional human-interest piece on why too much screen time might be hurting your skin.

This That Beauty

Anyone looking for a breath of fresh air as they navigate the skin care world will enjoy this blog by editors Felicia and Christene. The duo share their personal stories and don’t take themselves too seriously, which makes this read so relatable. Tap into their current obsessions, raves, and craves — mostly with a gotta-have product angle. Also, lots of myth busting (“Winter SPF? You Better!”).

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