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Living with osteoporosis means facing daily challenges. This condition affects about 54 million Americans. It causes bone density loss and overall bone weakening. Because of this, people with osteoporosis are more susceptible to bone fractures and breaks, so they have to be careful when it comes to staying physically active. At the same time, they also need to find safe ways to exercise.

While doctors can help, medication and treatment are just one part of living with this condition. Finding support is an equally important part of the equation.

Having a favorite blog or two to turn to can make an important difference. You can stay on top of the latest medical research, innovations, and find tips for getting through the day.

We’ve compiled a few blogs that stand out from the rest. They are run by compassionate people who know a lot about osteoporosis. Some are even bloggers who live with the condition themselves. Check out our 2017 award winners.

1. Better Bones

Susan Brown, PhD, is the mastermind behind this blog promoting better bone health. She is a medical anthropologist and author of the book, “Better Bones, Better Body.” She also operates The Center for Better Bones in New York. On her blog, she shares tips on living with osteoporosis, as well as news and updates. Other blogging topics include menopause, alkaline balance, bone health medications, and osteopenia.

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2. Save Our Bones

Save Our Bones, a project of the Save Institute, was pioneered by Vivian Goldschmidt. She claims that she reversed her osteoporosis with lifestyle changes and no prescription medication. The blog gives nutritional advice, information on exercises for better bone health, and links to relevant medical studies focused on overall health and wellness.

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3. Creaky Joints

This organization is aimed at helping those who live with arthritis, which often accompanies osteoporosis. Learn about others’ stories of living with the condition, as well as the latest on bone health research. Recent posts include recaps of arthritis-related events and medical studies that explore causes and treatments. The site also has a section where people can find local support groups to help make living with arthritis and osteoporosis easier.

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4. Spine-health: Osteoporosis

Spine health is an important factor when it comes to osteoporosis treatment. This blog from Veritas Health includes helpful information for better bone health, including nutrition tips, tactics for dealing with osteoporosis-related injuries, and chronic pain. Other topics include sciatica, ergonomics, depression, sleep, and recovering from surgery.

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5. OsteoStrong

OsteoStrong is a brick-and-mortar franchise that promotes healthy joints and strong bones. Even if you can’t make it to a location, the blog has useful tips on how to improve your bone health. You’ll even find some of the strategies they use in their offices, as well as tips on healing from injuries, tips for better aging, coping with weather, and managing joint pain.

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