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There are few women who can confidently say they’ve always loved being in their own skin. While the beauty industry has plenty of advice and hundreds of products making all kinds of promises, you might be wondering why nothing truly works.

Adult acne blogger Tracy Raftl of The Love Vitamin has been there. Today, she’s the creator of the Naturally Clear Skin Academy, which promises to help women find the relief they’ve always wanted from acne and live happily ever after with clear, radiant skin. A lover of nature’s best, Raftl dishes on what products make a great beauty hack, as well as her favorite healthy finds for luscious skin, from head to toe.

Take any drugstore brand of pure glycerin and aloe vera to hydrate your skin. I use Green Leaf Naturals Aloe Vera. I love this combo because aloe and glycerin are a soothing team of humectants — meaning they attract water to your skin — and make skin feel perfectly hydrated. My skin was always a little parched until I discovered this combo! Just make sure that when you apply it, your skin is damp. Then follow up your routine with a drop of oil to lock the moisture in.

I’ve tried a lot of different moisturizing oils over the years for my face, but I’ve settled on Berry Beautiful’s red raspberry seed oil as one of my favorites. It’s full of healing properties and is noncomedogenic, meaning it won’t clog your pores. It contains a heap of linoleic acid, which is perfect for acne-prone skin. It feels both light enough for oily skin, yet moisturizing enough for dry skin. The amber glass also protects the oil from the sun’s rays.

Astaxanthin is a super powerful antioxidant supplement that can actually protect your skin from the sun’s aging damage. Plus, it gets rid of wrinkles and seems to clear up acne for me. Who’s going to complain about that? Love this supplement! I use BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin, which also supports joints, tendons, and eye health.

DIM (aka diindolylmethane) is my old standby supplement for my skin. While not everyone’s acne is caused by the same thing (remember, no one supplement will work for everyone), this one does particularly amazing things for my stubborn chin acne. Talk with your doctor first — not all adult women should take DIM without having their hormone levels checked. Women with high levels of testosterone and low levels of estrogen may find that their acne gets worse.

There can be some questionable chemicals in conventional toothpaste, but I love this natural alternative in apple flavor from Green Beaver. Mostly it tastes so darn good! It’s like a treat to brush my teeth now.

My hair definitely leans toward the oily side, but I don’t really feel comfortable spraying all those chemicals over my head to get the benefits of dry shampoo. Instead, I use a kabuki brush to dust my hair with tapioca starch, then run my fingers through my hair with my head upside down to get out the excess. Works like a charm!

Tracy Raftl is an adult acne blogger and the creator of The Love Vitamin. After struggling with acne for years and failing to find a successful, long-term solution, Raftl found a more natural, holistic approach to clearing her acne for good. Today, she helps women just like her through her blog, programs, and the Natural Skin Academy. Find her on Twitter.