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Are you in your second or third trimester? Maybe you’re considering an unmedicated labor and delivery, or natural birth.

But what is a natural birth really like? What kind of options do women have if they opt to go the natural route?

To help you answer those questions, we’ve rounded up some of the best natural birth blogs from around the web. These are written and maintained by moms, midwives, doulas, and other experts. Remember, the more you know, the more equipped you’ll be to make the right childbirth choices for you and your baby.

Birth Without Fear

What began as a Facebook page to inform pregnant women about their childbirth options evolved into a dedicated space for inspiration and support throughout the entire journey — from conception to postpartum. January Harshe, mom of six, started Birth Without Fear in 2010 to share birth options and offer support to women in their choices. Visit Harshe’s blog for frank posts about birth stories, breech and cesarean births, and many other topics.

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Orgasmic Birth

Orgasmic Birth was launched by Debra Pascali-Bonaro, a doula, mother, author, speaker, film director, and Lamaze educator. This blog is the home of the pleasurable birth movement. The concept is that birth is an opportunity to find power, strength, wisdom, and even, yes, pleasure. In addition to posts covering a range of topics, the blog features documentaries and links to books, films, birth classes, workshops, and conferences.

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Science and Sensibility

Billed as a Lamaze research blog about pregnancy, birth, and beyond, Science and Sensibility is a wealth of information shared by a powerhouse of contributors. You’ll find book reviews, posts about relevant recent studies and research findings, and much more. The focus of Science and Sensibility is evidence-based education and advocacy. Expect a factual approach.

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The Business of Being Born

Executive producers Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein created the well-known documentary about America’s maternity care system. The documentary points to the fact that birth in our country is, above all, a business. They share information about birth centers, interview doulas, promote upcoming documentaries, and much more on the blog. It’s an informative and casual look at natural birth options.

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Giving Birth with Confidence

Giving Birth with Confidence is another Lamaze blog. It’s also an online community where men and women can share stories, find answers, and offer each other support. The blog is a great mix of useful information shared by moms, Lamaze-certified childbirth educators, and industry experts.

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Hypnobabies is a six-week childbirth education course intended to teach all moms to enjoy “eyes-open childbirth hypnosis.” The course claims to allow moms to remain “deeply in hypnosis while walking, talking and changing positions; being as mobile as they would to be during childbirth.” The course is designed to create shorter, easier, more comfortable labor. It includes a workbook, audio tracks, and hypnosis scripts. On the blog you’ll find first person accounts of Hypnobabies births.

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Ontario Midwives

Ontario Midwives is a free midwifery service funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. The blog features posts relating to current health issues, midwifery, and commentary about improving maternal and newborn care in the province of Ontario. It’s a good option for people living in the area and considering the services of a midwife.

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Midwife Thinking

Dr. Rachel Reed’s blog is where she shares her perspective and opinions on birth and midwifery. Her posts are thorough and thoughtful. She cautions that her posts are not intended to offer specific advice and recommendations, but instead to stimulate thinking and share information. Dr. Reed also updates existing content regularly with new research and resources. What’s more, she often takes time to respond to comments. Dr. Reed has been a midwife in the United Kingdom since 2001. She completed a PhD in 2013.

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Carolyn Hastie is a midwife, writer, facilitator, and independent researcher. She uses her blog as a forum for exploring birth, science, and midwifery. Her posts cover a range of topics and personal experiences, and she also re-blogs relevant stories, articles, and emails.

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Sarah Stewart

This is the personal blog of Sarah Stewart. She’s a midwifery policy advisor for the Australian College of Midwives and a staunch advocate of the development of midwifery. Stewart uses this platform to share her personal experiences and viewpoints. Her posts in the birth category are direct and honest, with useful details and tips for those exploring their options when it comes to childbirth.

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