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Staying healthy and getting your medications exactly when your body needs them is vital, but sometimes you just forget.

Taking your medication should be as easy and automatic as possible, not yet another thing you need to add to your mental checklist.

Thankfully, there are many products out there that add ease and simplicity to adhering to your medication regimen — whether it’s making sure you take it, or making sure you don’t accidentally take two doses — that go way beyond your mother’s pill box.

This medicine reminder is a simple smartphone app, and one that can help manage numerous people’s medications thanks to multiple profiles. It also tracks your prescriptions and reminds you when it’s time for a refill.

Medisafe is a free app for iOS and Android and has received four and a half stars on their respective app stores. It’s the highest rated and most downloaded medicine reminder on the Apple store.

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If adherence to your med timetable is a problem because of general forgetfulness, you may want to try a more modern version of the classic plastic pill case.

For less than $20, the Tabtime Vibe Vibrating Pill Timer Reminder has five compartments with different alarms that beep and vibrate when it’s time to take your medicine.

Just 1 inch high and just over 3 inches in diameter, it fits easily into a jacket pocket, purse, or backpack.

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If you want reminders and mobile alerts, Med Minder has got you covered. The pill dispenser holds four daily doses of medication, and doles out digital reminders — lights, beeps, and phone calls — with its own cellular connections, meaning that it doesn’t need to be linked to a phone line or the Internet.

It does require a monthly rental fee, which begins at $39.99 for the most basic unit. Some units keep their individual pockets locked, an important feature if young children are around.

More advanced units — which go up to $64.99 per month — have lifelines that contact emergency personnel, should the need arise.

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If you want the dosing done for you and to not even have to go to the pharmacy, Pill Pack’s got that and more.

When you sign up, you transfer over your medications, and set up a start date. Next thing you know, dosed out medications start arriving at your doorstep every two weeks, in plastic packages strung together on a roll. They’ll even contact your doctor to confirm your medicine schedule, and again when your prescriptions are getting low.

All you have to do is pay attention to the time and date printed on each individual pack.

PillPack also has a smartphone app that allows users to set various reminders throughout the day, making the whole process of taking your medications that much easier.

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If you like your reminders analog, and you only need to take one pill a day — such as antibiotics — the e-pill Once-a-Day Reminder might be a good option for you.

This plastic dial easily affixes to a smooth surface, like a medicine cabinet or refrigerator. Once you take your pill, you turn the dial to the current day of the week so you know when you last took your medication.

The glue allows it to be moved to different services.

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