Infertility can feel like a hopeless sentence for people dreaming of having a baby. But the support and camaraderie of people who are going through the same struggle can offer valuable perspective.

In compiling this year’s best infertility blogs, we looked for the ones that are committed to educating, inspiring, and empowering people during their infertility journeys. We hope you find insight, hope, and comfort here.

Dreaming of Diapers

This tell-all infertility blog is authored by a self-professed “Southern girl” and her husband, who have been trying to conceive for the last 5 years. In posts that are heartbreakingly honest, she chronicles every step of the journey — from “finding out my potential surrogate could not grow her lining past 5 mm for an entire year” to “recognizing depression, after depression.” Her blog and life can be summed up beautifully in the quote, “The struggle is part of the story.”

Stirrup Queens

Melissa and her husband have twins who were conceived via fertility treatments, and they’re trying to grow their family. She shares her experience with infertility and conception on her blog, where visitors will find information relating to diagnoses, surrogacy, treatment options, helpful guides, medications, tests and surgeries, and loss.

Learning Center by RMA of CT

The Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut maintains this blog, which features a rich mix of personal stories, current news and research, the latest in fertility treatments, physician spotlights, prenatal vitamin recommendations, and other useful content.

Life Without Baby

After 5 years of writing her way through her infertility journey, Lisa Manterfield stopped skirting her deeper issues and emotions and came to terms with a future that wouldn’t include biological children. She wrote a book and started a blog, which has become a haven for other women trying to make peace with a life that didn’t include physically giving birth. This is a safe and support-filled place for conversation and compassion.


As the name implies, this is a resource for all things egg freezing. The information is intended to inspire and educate women about oocyte cryopreservation by serving as a roadmap complete with extensive medical information for navigating the fertility journey all the way to motherhood. The blog shares guides and personal stories about egg freezing to offer a range of perspectives.

Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey

This specialty clinic helps its patients become parents, and their website offers a wealth of information about the infertility process and available options. On the blog, the clinic shares its own news, updates, and events, as well as first-person stories that are uplifting and inspiring.


Pregnantish is an online magazine dedicated to educating and supporting women and men throughout all the stages of the fertility process. The topics are easy to navigate based on your interests, where you can learn about IVF and IUI treatments, as well as self-care tips. While there are articles dedicated to couples along with relationship tips, Pregnantish also has a dedicated section to single women. While you’re learning and connecting, be sure to check out the Events page to see future local and online get togethers for additional support.

Laurel Fertility Care

As one of California’s leading infertility facilities, Laurel Fertility Care’s blog can provide valuable information to anyone seeking fertility information regardless of your location. By reading these articles, you’ll learn about some of the possible causes of infertility as well as possible treatments and lifestyle considerations to discuss with your own fertility specialist. Scroll through the blog for other posts dedicated to treatment side effects, as well as some surprising links to infertility you may not have read about anywhere else.  

IVF Babble

With so much information available about infertility, some people are looking for websites that focus on a variety of topics. If this sounds up your alley, be sure to check out IVF Babble. Not only will you find blogs related to treatment and lifestyle, but you can also ask questions of infertility experts and have them answered right on the website. Be sure to check for updates on the blog daily, as new articles are posted multiple times a day. You can even follow readers’ stories and share your own if you wish.

The Stork and I

Mel started The Stork and I to share her experiences with solo motherhood. Here, you can read personal stories about Mel’s journey, where she debunks the myths and stereotypes associated with being single and wanting to be a mother. You won’t want to miss her take on some topics you may not find on other infertility blogs, such as attending weddings and celebrating Father’s Day as a solo mom. Mel also happens to be an infertility coach, so be sure to check out her courses and one-on-one sessions if you’re interested.  

Defining Mum

Becky thought her dreams of motherhood were virtually impossible to achieve when she went through early menopause. Defining Mum is a culmination of her experiences with infertility and conception via donor egg, to the present day where she is now a mother of three children. The blog is broken down into two main sections: General Fertility and Donor Conception posts. You can read honest takes on topics related to infertility grief, assumptions about infertility, what motherhood really means, and more.

Life Abundant

Life Abundant shares the story of Jessi, who became a mother 10 years ago after several fertility treatments. Since then, Jessi and her husband have wanted to grow their family. Her blog shares the heartbreak and challenges that have complicated this dream, including infertility, hypothyroidism/Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). She regularly posts on each of these subjects, as well as lifestyle topics related to marriage, parenting, and travel.

The Broken Brown Egg

Regina Townsend writes this very personal blog inspired by her 10-year journey through infertility to the birth of her son Judah by IVF 4 years ago. Her blog includes sections on wellness and mental health, personal stories, infertility resources, upcoming events, and “mamahood” experiences. She always keeps it real and doesn’t sugarcoat. Regina is a librarian by profession with a passion for writing. Her words are always infused with the poignant understanding of how it feels, as a Black woman who faced infertility herself, to be a “minority within a minority.”

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