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It’s no secret that humans are at least partially responsible for the climate changes our planet is experiencing today. Even though significant damage has already been done, it’s not too late to prevent more by modifying our behaviors. One way you can make a difference on an individual level is by adopting green living practices.

Green living means making daily lifestyle choices that lean toward sustainability and limiting your carbon footprint on the planet. There are lots of different ways to live green. Some people do it by adopting regular behaviors — like recycling, driving a fuel-efficient car, buying from local businesses, and reducing the amount of energy you use and the waste you produce. Others take it a step further by making their own natural cleaning and beauty products, or going totally waste-free.

No matter how you choose to go green, there are changes we can all make to reduce the negative impact our actions have on the environment. These bloggers offer tips on how to make green living stylish, delicious, and inspiring.

Stephanie Gerber, the founder of Hello Glow, is a go-to resource for natural beauty tips, style, and overall wellness. Her goal is to help women find their glow without chemicals or complications. The blog is filled with useful DIY guides for all sorts of everyday products, like coconut oil deodorant. They’re also pretty easy to make, like her homemade deodorant spray, which combines essential oils with vodka.

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Justina Blakeney is an interior designer who incorporates greenery into many of her looks. She draws a lot of her inspiration from bohemian and Moroccan patterns, and incorporates live plants into many of her designs. Blakeney also uses nontoxic paints and natural materials. Her posts show you projects she’s completed, and share how and where to find natural materials to create similar looks for your home. Blakeney also uses vintage pieces, which helps to cut down on waste. Her designs are colorful and fun!

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Rachel Lees writes about her experiences in nature and the importance of conscious living, and includes gorgeous outdoor photos in every post. A chunk of her posts focus on reducing waste, plus tips on how to shop and give holiday gifts without creating waste. There is also a bevy of delicious recipes, plus recommendations for eco-conscious activities.

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Mom of six Katie began her healthy, natural lifestyle as a gift to her children. After having her first child, she read a disturbing piece saying that her children’s generation would face higher rates of cancer and other diseases than any before. So she started her journey toward healthy, natural foods and away from chemical cleaners. Her blog is helpfully organized into several sections, including one on home organization, which is ideal for those of us who are short on time.

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Katelin Leblond and Tara Smith-Arnsdorf started their blog with the desire to change their lifestyle in a meaningful way. They committed to living a zero-waste lifestyle, and here share their tips on how to get on the same track. They’ve got whole sections on family living, beauty, the home, and eating, with healthful, waste-free recipes plus tips on how to reduce your own household’s food waste. It can be tricky, but it reduces your carbon footprint as well as saves money.

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Jennifer Nini is an eco-fashion writer living a green lifestyle. She founded her blog in 2010, and since then has built a web portal where she and other writers can share advice and tips on everything from where and how to shop ethically, to how to create sustainable designs in your home. Do you know where to find sneakers that are ethically made? Nini has done the research for you, with one post devoted entirely to evaluating available brands.

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Kimberly Button is a journalist, author, TV correspondent, and green living expert. After battling several chronic medical conditions as a child, Button made the decision to live as free of toxins as possible. She wants to share her passion for green living with others, no matter what their budget is. In fact, there’s an entire section dedicated to free and cheap ways to make your lifestyle greener!

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After a health scare in college, Kathryn Kellogg started to think critically about the products we buy and put on our bodies. She began cooking from scratch and making her own homemade beauty products, and has now added zero-waste living to the mix. Her posts focus on tips for how to make different aspects of your home and lifestyle waste-free. New to the zero-waste trend? Kathryn has you covered with 101 easy tips to make changes that will have a positive impact.

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Like most moms, Brittany Thomas wanted the best for her kids. She adopted a clean and green lifestyle for them and realized just how important it was for her health as well. Her blog is full of delicious, healthy recipes, including a matcha smoothie to replace that high-calorie, artificially-flavored coffee drink addiction.

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Lori Popkewitz Alper is all about the three Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle. She hopes to inspire others to live green through her writing. Post topics range from product recommendations to healthy living and parenting tips. Alper has even met Senator Elizabeth Warren and discussed the need for more product safety legislation to protect people from harmful chemicals and additives!

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Green Global Travel is a blog with multiple contributors who have professional experience in media. It was co-founded by veteran journalist Bret Love and photographer/videographer Mary Gabbett. The main focus is teaching readers about and advocating for ecotourism: responsible traveling that isn’t disruptive to native habitats. Blog entries are filled with beautiful photography, travel tips, and destination recommendations.

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Mr. and Mrs. Green have been working hard to reduce the amount of waste and pollution they produce as a family since 2004. Their blog is full of tips to reduce waste and information on why it’s such an important thing to do. They also share some of their own personal challenges and experiences living waste-free. They even include tips for being green at work and for making your business a zero-waste company.

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Tiffany Washko’s Nature Moms blog is about helping other moms save money, while also saving the environment. She offers hacks for saving money on your monthly energy bills, and all sorts of tips, from making your own healthy snacks to raising small livestock! One post focuses on fermenting at home, which is particularly trendy these days. Her DIY tips could potentially save you lots of money by avoiding store-bought jars.

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Tiny Farm offers an alternative food source to big agriculture and industrial farming. It’s full of tips for growing seasonal produce. You don’t have to have a tiny farm to benefit — some of the information, like how to properly trim herbs, can also be applied to container gardening or a small backyard plot.

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Micaela Preston says she didn’t worry much about healthy living before having kids. But once she was responsible for lives other than her own, Mindful Momma was born. The blog provides healthy recipes, information on living a healthy lifestyle, and products Micaela recommends as safe and environmentally friendly. She makes recycling fun with her easy DIY tips — who knew you could make note paper out of tea bag wrappers?

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