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Around 20 million women and 10 million men in the United States will face an eating disorder during their lifetime, estimates the National Eating Disorders Association. A mix of biological, psychological, and sociocultural factors is often the cause of bulimia, anorexia, and binge eating.

Trying to overcome an eating disorder alone can be overwhelming. Instead, leaning on family, medical professionals, and those who have lived through their own battles can be the most constructive way forward.

Healthline searched online for inspiring and informational blogs. We’re proud to share the writing and advice of these bloggers. They’ve dedicated themselves to reminding people with eating disorders that they’re not alone.

Laura’s Soapbox

Angie Viets

Laura Collins Lyster-Mensh is the mother of a daughter who overcame an eating disorder. She’s also an author, educator, and parent advocate. Laura’s Soapbox features a mix of podcast links and reviews of organizations and charities supporting people with eating disorders. You’ll also find think pieces addressing the influence of pop culture and society on negative body image and eating disorders. Visit the blog.

Make Peace with Food

Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin is a psychoanalyst and survivor of an eating disorder. She decided to start a blog to help others understand and overcome their own damaging food narratives. Her focus isn’t so much the behavior itself, but the motivations driving that behavior. With thoughtful posts, free guides, and guest posts written by some of the many people she’s helped, Make Peace with Food is a loving place that can help you start to heal an unhealthy relationship with food. Visit the blog.

Eating Disorder Hope

Eating Disorder Hope was founded in 2005. Its mission is to bring hope, information, and resources to not only those living with eating disorders, but their family members and treatment providers, too. Jacquelyn Ekern, a licensed therapist and survivor of her own eating disorder, launched the site with the help of colleagues and specialists. Today, it’s home to a relevant mix of opinion pieces and evidence-based information, including personal stories, current research, and other news and developments. Visit the blog.

Surviving ED | HealthyPlace

HealthyPlace is a national website dedicated to mental health. Its blog Surviving ED features contributors who share their own experiences with unhealthy food relationships and recovery. The broad range of topics discussed here makes it a valuable resource for anyone looking for support and information. Visit the blog.

Adios Barbie

Since 1998, Adios Barbie has served as a bold and inspiring resource for body image issues and the impact they have on people. The site is dedicated to helping identify sources of negative, disempowering beliefs so that we take a more active role in creating our own identities. With its positivity and encouragement, this is a wonderful place to find inspiration from a variety of knowledgeable contributors. Visit the blog.

National Eating Disorders Association Blog

The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) blog is a platform for first-person accounts and expert information written by NEDA staff and psychologists. Recent posts include a guest piece written by a woman sharing her 46-year struggle with bulimia and how she finally found recovery. There are also self-care tips and tips for recovery management for anorexia nervosa. Visit the blog.

Anorexia Boy Recovery

In 2011, Bev Mattocks Osborne began blogging as a way to share her teenage son’s struggle and subsequent recovery from anorexia. In addition to raising awareness about eating disorders in boys, Anorexia Boy Recovery serves as a candid portrayal of her experience during this difficult time. The posts not only share Bev and her son’s story, but also help readers identify disordered eating and take specific action. Visit the blog.

Eating Disorders Resource Catalog

Eating Disorders Resource Catalog is maintained by Gürze-Salucore, a book publisher that focuses on eating disorders. The blog features posts and podcasts relating to specific eating disorders, healthy eating, body image, recovery, and more. Anyone seeking information on identifying and recovering from disordered eating will find a wealth of resources here. Visit the blog.

Men Get Eating Disorders Too

Men Get Eating Disorders Too is a comprehensive resource designed to support men by providing useful information and facilitating support. With chat groups, first-person accounts, current news and research, and helpful links, this is a supportive community for men living with eating disorders. Visit the blog.

Eating Recovery Center

The Eating Recovery Center is an international center for eating disorder recovery. Its blog shares center updates, information about its treatment methods and programs, posts from staff, and first-person accounts. Topics are varied and cover specific eating disorders, nutrition, self-care, recovery, families, and more. Visit the blog.

I Haven’t Shaved in 6 Weeks

Before Lindsey Hall went to rehab in 2014 for an eating disorder, she searched online for information about the forthcoming experience. But instead of the details she was hoping for, she found clinical articles, inspirational quotes, and “emotionless” blog posts. So, she launched I Haven’t Shaved in 6 Weeks. Here, she candidly shares the nitty-gritty details of managing her eating disorder and the recovery process. Visit the blog.

Angie Viets - Inspired Recovery

Angie Viet’s elegantly designed website and blog is for anyone feeling stuck in their recovery from an eating disorder. As a clinical psychotherapist and certified eating disorders specialist — as well as an eating disorder survivor — Angie has helped hundreds of clients manage their eating disorders and recovery. Inspired Recovery features valuable insights from industry professionals and guest authors. Visit the blog.

Beat Eating Disorders

This U.K.-based charity describes itself as a champion, guide, and friend to those affected by eating disorders. Beat Eating Disorders serves as a space where visitors can feel heard, supported, and empowered. You’ll find comprehensive information on this invaluable resource about various eating disorders, recovery, support services, news and research, and more. Visit the blog.

The Emily Program

The Emily Program shares comprehensive treatment for eating disorders and related issues with a warm, welcoming approach. The blog is dedicated to sharing program information and helpful details from its staff and patient community. Contributor posts are welcome. Topics they cover include advocacy, body image, guided meditation, holiday meals, and more. Visit the blog.

Does Every Woman Have an Eating Disorder?

Stacey M. Rosenfeld, PhD, is a clinical psychologist. Does Every Woman Have an Eating Disorder? serves as a platform for her belief that nearly all women have some form of a disordered relationship with either food or her body, even if they aren’t officially diagnosed with an eating disorder. Her posts include personal observations, interviews with industry experts, and guest posts from people who have experienced eating issues. Visit the blog.

The Butterfly Foundation

The Australian-based Butterfly Foundation for Eating Disorders helps people with both eating disorders and body image issues. Its blog is a collection of featured stories that can be organized by specific eating disorder topics, gender, parents, and other categories. These stories are first-person accounts that help those living with eating disorders understand they aren’t alone. Visit the blog.

Kartini Clinic

Founded in 1998 by Dr. Julie O’Toole, Kartini Clinic has become a family-centered program that provides eating disorder treatment for children and young adults. Dr. O’Toole continues to post about a variety of topics on the blog. Topics include mental health, relapse risks, parent groups, treatment and recovery, and more. Visit the blog.

Project HEAL

Liana Rosenman and Kristina Saffran were just 13 when they met. Both were receiving treatment for anorexia nervosa. Two years later, the girls founded Project HEAL to raise money for those living with eating disorders but lacking the money to afford treatment. The blog is as inspiring as the founders’ story. It features a mix of guest posts on everything from body love and pregnancy to recovery. Visit the blog.

Recovery Warriors

Here you’ll find a site that dedicates itself to boosting the emotional intelligence and resilience of people with eating disorders, anxiety, and depression. Recovery Warriors is an inspiring collection of guest posts and expert articles. With podcasts, guided meditations, and even poetry, this is truly a space of hope and light for those who may feel hopeless. Visit the blog.

Rosewood Ranch

For close to 20 years, Rosewood Ranch has served as a highly respected provider of comprehensive, personalized care for men, women, and adolescents struggling with eating disorders. On its blog, a panel of industry experts and Rosewood patient alumni share a helpful mix of information and inspiration. Recent posts include the impact of eating disorders on the heart and an alum’s reflection on one year in recovery. Visit the blog.


Oliver-Pyatt Centers offer treatment programs for women with eating and exercise disorders. Its blog features guest posts from industry experts as well as collections of curated content from around the web. Topics range from approach and treatment to advocacy and recovery. Visit the blog.

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