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Why pay for something when you can make it yourself? DIY video tutorials are a bright corner of the internet, encouraging folks to get handy and creative while saving some money.

From folk arts to carpentry, DIY videos online run the gamut. These are the things people used to take classes for at local hardware stores, craft shops, or the library. Now, you can do them at home (and without anyone witnessing novice mistakes). Generally, if there’s something crafty you’ve seen in a store or at a craft show, there’s a video online to help you create it.

We’ve found some of the best DIY videos online — those with simple, easy-to-follow directions and impressive end results. Now, go create!

How to Make Milk and Honey Soap

The makers of Divas Can Cook are typically known for their tasty recipes. This DIY video is for something you can use to clean up after creating a feast in the kitchen. This easy-to-make milk and honey soap contains things like argan oil and vitamin E to leave your skin soft and smooth. The tutorial is just a few minutes long, but you’ll get everything you need in clear, concise instructions.

DIY Vintage Shirt

Blogger Jamie from Some of This and That shares this easy fashion statement: a DIY vintage shirt. You’ll start with a plain white T-shirt and end up with your favorite design with a vintage finish on the front — all by using only your printer, an iron, and some freezer paper. The process is similar to a DIY iron-on transfer, a craft that was all the rage a few decades ago. But with this version, you can choose any graphic you want!

DIY No-Sew T-Shirt Bag

Have a cute T-shirt that you just don’t wear anymore? With this tutorial from Brooke at What’s Up Moms, you can turn it into a tote. All you need to transform your T-shirt is a sharp pair of fabric scissors. That’s right — no sewing required! Now, get to repurposing all those shirts you haven’t worn in years.

DIY Hanging Planter

Shanty 2 Chic is a great DIY blog for turning almost-trash into treasures. Whitney and Ashley make furniture and crafts that rival what you’ll find at many boutiques. In this video, you’ll learn how to create a stylish planter. You’ll need a few tools, but this project won’t take more than a few hours. The result is a hanging planter you can fill with succulents or tiny pots of herbs. It’s great indoors or out.

DIY Mushroom Fairy House Using Coke Plastic Bottle

Natalie is The Creative Mom, a blogger who creates crafts and shares her how-tos with you. In this particular video, she’s created a cute mushroom fairy house that would make a great gift or decoration in your own sunroom. She starts with a 2-liter soda bottle, does some melting and gluing, and adds clay. The result is a charming craft that no one will believe you made yourself.

One Row Scarf

Knitting Help is a great online resource for folks who want to learn how to knit, or those with skills just looking for new patterns and ideas. This tutorial for a one row scarf is definitely a beginner-level project. Once you’ve learned the basics of knitting, this could be your first real craft. The explanations and footage are clear, making the instructions easy to follow. Knitter Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is a great teacher.

DIY Tutorial for Adding Stripes to Scarf

If you like yarn crafts, Wool and the Gang is a blog you’ve likely heard of. Their video for knitting stripes on scarves offers clear instructions on a skill every knitter needs — changing colors mid-project. This video tutorial features big chunky yarn to make it easy to see exactly what’s going on, so you can recreate the project with your own supplies. Whether you’re into knitting sweaters or scarves, blankets or socks, this is a great tool to have in your toolbox.

How to Make Kombucha Tea

Love your gut? Cultures for Health is all about creating healthy products in your own kitchen. Many of their DIY recipes are focused on balancing the bacteria in your gut. Case in point: this tutorial on making kombucha tea. Sure, you can buy kombucha and kombucha tea — but not for $1 per gallon, as these instructions do. If you and your friends are into natural health, you’ll impress the heck out of them when they learn you make your own kombucha.

Tips to Start and Grow a Kitchen Garden

Megan Roosevelt is a registered dietitian and creator of Healthy Grocery Girl, a website that delivers all sorts of health advice and tutorials. In this particular video, Roosevelt walks you through the basics of starting your own garden. Growing your own food is a great way to ensure what you’re eating is healthy and natural, a great family activity, and an excellent form of exercise. You’ll get many of the basics for getting started in this short video.

DIY Poncho Towel with Hood for Pool or Beach

The Do It Yourself Divas, Meg and Steph, are known for providing accessible, easy instructions for all of life’s projects. In this video, you’ll learn how to create hooded towels for the kids’ pool days. The project can be made in only 15 minutes, so if you have an extra bath towel and hand towel, you can put it together the morning before you head to the beach.