Do-it-yourself projects have the potential to save you lots of money. And they can also be extremely rewarding.

As concerns about sustainability and the environment grow, going DIY is one way to recycle materials creatively. Making your own furniture and home goods from existing materials helps to cut down on waste sent to landfills. Cleaning and beauty products made at home provide natural alternatives, reducing your use of harsh chemicals.

Whether you’re a new DIYer or a seasoned pro, these books offer inspiration and direction for your next project.

The Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual

The Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual

Looking to save money on basic home repairs? “The Complete Do-it-Yourself Manual” is a collaboration between “The Family Handyman” and “Reader’s Digest,” — and it’s loaded with home improvement tips. It’s meant for both beginners and the more experienced crowd. Learn about building materials, technology for the home, and building codes. The manual also includes more than 3,000 photos and illustrations to go along with instructions for more difficult repairs.

Crafting with Wood Pallets

Wood pallets are used for shipping and storing goods. They can be found outside many grocery and big box stores or warehouses, and are pretty easy to get. Sometimes you can ask your local store if they’re getting rid of extras. You can also check online listings for pallet sales or giveaways. They have a variety of indoor and outdoor uses. “Crafting with Wood Pallets” shows you how to turn them into furniture, accessories, décor, and more. The book has instructions along with color photos, for more than 25 DIY pallet projects.

101 Easy Homemade Products for Your Skin, Health & Home

Many beauty and home products are made with chemicals that can be harmful to you or the environment. “101 Easy Homemade Products for Your Skin, Health & Home” is a guide that teaches you how to make skin care, hair care, and cleaning products using all natural ingredients. Projects don’t require fancy equipment and most are made with things like herbs, oils, and flowers. There are directions for how to personalize them to meet your needs or preferences, too.

DIY Bitters

If you’ve ever mixed a cocktail, you’ve probably heard of bitters. Bitters are actually an old remedy made by letting plant botanicals soak in 100-proof alcohol. The finished liquid adds unique flavor, and also might help settle an upset stomach. “DIY Bittersexplains the history and health benefits of bitters, while teaching you how to make your own. Recipes range from classic flavors, like orange, to directions for creating your own original flavors.

DIY Woven Art

Pillows, rugs, and wall art are essential accent pieces to make a room design pop. But these can be pretty pricey when you buy them from retailers. “DIY Woven Art” shows you how to make 14 different woven fiber projects all on your own. You don’t need to buy a loom, either, as the book will also teach you how to construct a portable one!

DIY Solar Projects

Solar energy isn’t only good for the environment, it can also help you save money. “DIY Solar Projects” teaches you how to build and install your own solar power for a variety of uses, like security lighting, water heating, battery charging, and more. Instructions are simple enough for homeowners without building experience, and include step-by-step color photos and tips along the way. The book even includes information on how to get tax breaks and enroll in state programs offering incentives for alternative energy use.

DIY Wood Pallet Projects

There are so many ways to use wood pallets in your home and garden. “DIY Wood Pallet Projects” teaches you how to turn the shipping product into 35 different useful household items, like a planter, clock, or bookcase. Step-by-step instructions guide you through the woodworking process, and there are plenty of color photos to help you get inspired.



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