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Our best overall cold plunge tub honor goes to the aptly named Plunge, while your wallet might love the G Ganen tub. Take a dip into our list of tubs that provide physical and mental recovery.

Cold exposure (aka cold water therapy) — the act of fully submerging yourself in freezing water — is believed to be highly beneficial for health, and it’s becoming more popular. In fact, there’s a growing number of cold plunge tubs on the market that you can add to your home.

This means you don’t need to be an athlete or pay for fancy spa treatments to enjoy the benefits.

We’ve rounded up our favorite cold plunge tubs that fit various needs, lifestyles, and budgets.

A note on price

Price ranges with dollar signs are indicated below. One dollar sign means the product is at the lower end of the range, whereas four dollar signs indicate a higher cost.

General list prices for our cold plunge tubs range from $59.99–$28,999.99, though this may vary depending on available discounts and where you shop.

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Pricing guide

  • $ = under $1,000
  • $$ = $1,001–$4,999
  • $$$ = $5,000-$9,999
  • $$$$ = over $10,000

PriceFeaturesRequired spaceProsConsShipping & returnsWarranty
Plunge$$– reaches 39°F (4°C)
– ozone sanitation
– circular filtration
– indoor/outdoor use
– underwater light
67 x 32.5 x 24 in– versatile
– indoor/ outdoor use
– easy assembly
– financing available
– must be unplugged to power off
– loud
– some experienced quality issues
– free shipping to the lower 48 states
– can return within 30 days for a full refund
1 year
Ice Barrel $$– holds 105 gallons
– user-friendly drainage system
42 x 31 x 25 in– portable & compact
– easy setup & use
– easy-to-use drainage system
– cost-effective
– 1-person tub
– shipping costs extra
– shipping fees vary by location
– returns within 30 days of delivery for full refund less 30% restocking fee
limited lifetime
WEY&FLY Portable Foldable Bathtub$– made with environmentally friendly, nontoxic PVC
– cushioned layer maintains temperature
37.5 x 37.5 x 31 in– inexpensive
– saves space & water
– comfortable, insulated cushioned bottom
– indoor/ outdoor use
– can tear if not heated before filling
– takes 2 hours to heat
– can be tough to get in & out of
– free delivery within the U.S.
– returns in original condition for full refund or replacement within 30 days of receipt
contact manufacturer
Renu Therapy Cold Stoic$$$– reaches 39°F (4°C)
– upgraded insulation system
– large tank
– highly energy efficient chiller
– advanced filtration & ozone purification – extra ventilation
70 x 35 x 33 in– covered protective area
– modern, customizable design
– pricey
– large
– cover can be hard to maneuver
– free curbside delivery within the contiguous U.S.
– returns within 45 days of delivery, subject to shipping costs & 5% restocking fee
5 years
Odin Ice Bath$$$– reaches 32ºF (0°C)
– pump & filter always running
– ozone generator for sanitizing – reusable filter
51.2 × 49.2 × 28 in– low maintenance
– both a plunge & ice tub
– handmade design
– long lead times
– UV sanitation not included
– pricey
air shipping to the U.S. included– 5 years (cosmetic)
– 3 years (working)
BlueCube Malibu 56 Cold Plunge$$$$– 1 horsepower chilling motor
– 66-in stainless steel tub
– ranges from 37–60°F (3–16°C)
72.5 x 48.5 x 28.5 in– highly energy efficient
– low maintenance
– self-contained
– large investment
– long lead times
– quite large
returns within 30 days for full refund, less 10% restocking fee & return shipping cost18 months
G Ganen Foldable Ice Bath$– environmental protective PVC & mesh layers
– easy-to-use air hole
– neck & arm rests
24 x 5 x 4 in– compact
– inexpensive
– indoor/ outdoor use
– comfortable rests
– must warm up before using
– chemical odor lingers
– can be tricky to get in & out of
returns within 30 days according to Amazon’s policycontact manufacturer
Edge Theory Labs Edge Tub$$– 0.8 horsepower motor
– cools to 37°F (3°C) within 5 hours
– backpack for easy transport
47 x 26 x 25 in– portable
– lightweight
– easy-to-handle chiller on wheels
– self-cleaning
– manual set up & takedown takes time
– videos or documentation are lacking for some
– some had issues with stated vs. actual shipping times
– free shipping to lower 48 states
– returns within 30 days for full refund less shipping costs
1 year
Tru Grit Inflatable Ice Bath$– cover
– floor mat
– double-action pump
– repair kit
60 x 30 x 24 in– quick to inflate & deflate
– lightweight
– less expensive than others
– shipping not included
– some had issues with cover
– lettering can wear off
– shipping varies by location & is calculated at checkout
– returns within 30 days for refund
contact manufacturer
Mueller Recovery Care Tub$– rechargeable air pump (with adapters)
– mesh carry bag
– puncture repair kit
60 (diameter) x 27.5 in (deep)– portable
– compact
– easy setup & takedown
– can tear
– small
– takes time to set up & fill
– shipping within the U.S. included
– returns on defective or incorrect items (must get authorization)
contact manufacturer

When selecting our favorite cold tubs, we focused on the following criteria:

  • Versatility: To offer the most value, we looked for tubs that could be used both indoors and outdoors and could be transported to different locations.
  • Customer feedback: User experience is important and, while everyone is different, it can be very helpful to know that a product is generally favored by those who have tried it. These products have mostly favorable reviews.
  • Size: We looked for tubs in a variety of sizes to suit spaces both small and large.
  • Price range: The tubs range in size to suit different budgets.
  • Expert vetting: Each of these products has been vetted to ensure that they align with Healthline’s brand integrity standards and approach to well-being. You can read more about our vetting process.

While cold plunging and cold tub therapy is still a practice that is growing in popularity and needs more research, experts are taking note of many positive effects.

For example, cold tub therapy can reduce muscle soreness. Your blood vessels constrict in cold water, which reduces blood flow to, say, an injured area you’re targeting, and reduces swelling and inflammation.

Cold tub therapy can also cool you down fast. Your body temperature lowers much quicker from cold tub therapy than it does from simply being in a cool environment.

Though little research supports it, some experts claim it also helped improve circulation, sleep, and energy levels.

You’ll find a wide variance in cold plunge tubs, but there are some key considerations to make when shopping, no matter what your needs and preferences are:

  • Purpose: Whether you’re a serious athlete looking to recover from sore muscles, you’re just wanting a new way to relax, or you’re somewhere in between, be sure to keep your purpose in mind. Ask yourself if indoor or outdoor use or both is important to you, too. Different cold plunge tubs are designed for different uses.
  • Size: Cold plunge tubs typically take up a fair amount of room, though there are a few smaller options. Be sure you’re shopping for what will actually fit your space.
  • Price: Cold plunge tubs run from about $60–$30,000 or even more. Be sure you’re looking at models that are comfortably within your budget. Also, don’t forget to work in any additional maintenance costs involved with a particular unit — including increases in your electric bill.
  • Warranties: Nothing is foolproof, even the highest quality tubs. Especially for high ticket items, a manufacturer should stand behind their product with a decent warranty.
  • Customer reviews: If you haven’t already tried a tub yourself or you don’t know anyone who owns one, read several customer reviews. Pay particular attention to any trends that you see, whether negative or positive. You’ll get great insight into a tub’s design, functionality, durability, and ease of use.

What are cold tubs used for?

Cold tubs are often used to reduce swelling and inflammation that leads to muscle pain post-workout. Our blood vessels constrict in the cold. If you’re nursing an injury or your muscles are sore, this constriction reduces blood flow to the area and eases pain caused by inflammation.

How often should you drain your cold tub?

How often you should change your cold tub’s water depends on the tub itself and the manufacturer’s instructions. Be sure to read the information that comes with your tub or contact them if needed.

It can range from every few weeks to every few months or so. Generally, if you treat the water in your cold tub, you shouldn’t need to change the water as often.

How do you keep a cold tub clean?

Use a cover to help your cold plunge tub stay clean. The cover will help keep debris and dirt out of the water, maintain the water temperature, and reduce evaporation.

How long should you stay in a cold tub?

As your body acclimates to the cold temperatures, you can work your way up to longer soaks — starting out with 2–5 minutes.

Up to 5 minutes is often all that people need, but you can increase it from there. Just don’t exceed 15–20 minutes at a time. Any more than that may lead to frostbite.

What should you look for when shopping for cold tubs?

Think about your needs, space, and budget when shopping around for cold plunge tubs. Many are designed for different purposes, come in various sizes, and accommodate many budgets.

Positive customer reviews and sufficient warranty coverage and length can be important factors in your decision, too.

Cold plunge tubs can help relieve muscle soreness after tough workouts and cool you down quickly. You’ll find a wide variety of options available, including inflatables, indoor and outdoor tubs, and compact tubs for individuals.

The great thing is prices vary widely, so you’re sure to find something in your budget that suits your needs.