Understanding a cancer diagnosis is an important part of learning how to live beyond the disease. Each year, Healthline chooses cancer blogs that stand out because of their ability to educate, inspire, and truly empower their visitors. Whether you’re navigating cancer, or you love someone who is, these are valuable resources for support and information.

I Had Cancer

These first-person accounts are valuable not only because of their perspective, but because of the varied topics. Popular posts include chemo side effects, how to manage fears of recurrence, and what cancer survivors want you to know.

YSC Blog

The Young Survival Coalition is a great resource for young women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer — and those who love them. On the blog, personal stories, useful tips, and warm, honest advice are shared with those who need them most. Topics include sex and dating after diagnosis and treatment, holiday self-care, and chemo guidance, among many others.

Colorado Cancer Blogs

Colorado’s only NCI-Designated Cancer Center shares current news, research, and patient care related to multiple cancer types. Read personal stories from people receiving care at the center, as well as insights from oncologists on this informative blog.

Cancer Research Catalyst

The official blog of the American Association for Cancer Research works to accelerate the growth of new knowledge about cancer, while at the same time bringing readers relevant and timely information. It does a great job of breaking down complicated information so readers can fully understand key cancer research.

The Cancer Chronicles

This is the journey of a wife, mother, school psychologist, and long-term cancer patient. Barb writes about living with cancer not once, but twice, and her honesty, humor, and grace permeate every post she shares. It’s an insightful and at times heartbreaking glimpse into life beyond the disease.


The University of Pennsylvania maintains OncoLink, a platform featuring the contributions of cancer survivors, caregivers, and cancer-related healthcare professionals. This mix of perspectives makes the blog content relevant to a wide range of readers. One of its highlights is a section called “I wish u knew…,” with a wide variety of topics that are enlightening and informative.


This doctor-approved patient information site helps those navigating cancer care, providing details about various kinds of cancer, research and advocacy, and survivorship. Blog topics, written in both English and Spanish, are wide-ranging and comprehensive.

Cancer Support Community

A platform designed to ensure anyone impacted by cancer can access knowledge, action, and community, Cancer Support Community does just that. The comprehensive blog offers information relating to all aspects of cancer, as well as web chats designed to link people from all over the world.


Those in search of current information about treatment, research, and facts relating to various types of cancer will find it on the blog for Cancer Treatment Centers of America. It also offers several multi-post series that provide a comprehensive look at specific topics, including common myths relating to cancer.

Patient Power

Patients and caregivers can connect directly with a community of cancer experts at Patient Power. On the blog, read personal stories from patients and survivors about navigating different types of cancer, including the effects of various medications and treatments, why failure is okay, and why you should never wait to tell someone you love them.

Breast Cancer Society of Canada

Highlighting the people behind cancer -— the patients, advocates, caregivers, and different healthcare professionals — is what the Breast Cancer Society of Canada does best. Read inspiring success stories and posts from researchers fighting for a change.


Patients fighting different kinds of cancer share their very individual stories here on the MD Anderson Cancer Center blog, making it ideal for those in search of inspiration. Read what a former nurse learned after her double mastectomy, or how colorectal cancer taught one young woman to listen to her body. Other posts focus on current research, clinical trials, and new treatments.

BC Cancer Blog

Doctors and experts dedicated to the research and treatment of cancer write most of the content on the BC Cancer Blog. They take readers behind the scenes at BC Cancer with information about cutting-edge cancer research and care. Topics range from the scientific (like how tumor cells react to stress) to the practical (how cannabis can improve quality of life).

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