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In 2017, an estimated 1,688,780 new cancer cases were diagnosed, with 600,920 deaths resulting from cancer in the United States, according to the American Cancer Society. And while the numbers are frightening, they also hold some hope.

Thanks to advanced treatments, more and more people are surviving and thriving despite a cancer diagnosis. In fact, the number of people surviving cancer is set to rise to 19 million by 2024.

Many people rely on their doctors for medical information, but the internet also provides plenty of sites and blogs to get updated information, support, and strategies for living beyond the disease. Some of the best sources are below.

Blog for a Cure

Blog for a Cure

People with cancer (and the people who love them) who want to feel less alone in their battles against cancer can turn to Blog for a Cure. It was started by Jill, who wanted to create a site specifically for people with cancer and survivors to write about their journeys. Signing up is free, so get started now to connect with others who get it. Visit the blog.

Cancer Policy Matters

When cancer takes center stage in the political arena, The National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship is here to advocate for you. On their blog Cancer Policy Matters, learn more about health and cancer policies in the United States and how tax money is allotted for cancer research. This blog will keep you in the know about how American healthcare reform will affect cancer research and care. Visit the blog.


The MD Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas runs this inspirational blog, which features stories from people who have survived various types of cancer. It also includes the latest news on cancer research, policy topics, and clinical trials. Read insights into treatment options as well as details on side effects. Visit the blog.

Colorado Cancer Blogs

Operated by the University of Colorado Cancer Center, Colorado Cancer Blogs has all the information you need on the latest treatment options and cancer research. Get information, insights, and advice from oncologists and other cancer-related healthcare professionals. The center also posts about their original research, as well as personal stories from people undergoing treatment at the center. Visit the blog. 

The CTCA Blog

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has several locations across the United States. Their blog offers insights from oncologists and people with cancer. Get details straight from the experts themselves, such as how doctors detect cancer and how to cope with a diagnosis. It’s a great place for trusted medical information on treatment options, research possibilities, and dealing with life after cancer. Visit the blog. 

Cure Today

For regular updates on medical advances as well as practical information on living with the condition, Cure Today is the blog to bookmark. They cover all types of cancer in a hub that’s organized and easy to navigate, so it won’t be hard for you to find the information applicable to your situation. Visitors can also share stories to help them stay motivated and connected. Visit the blog.

Cancer Support Community

The Cancer Support Community is the largest professionally led nonprofit network of cancer support worldwide. Their goal is to make sure no one has to face cancer alone. Find discussions on cancer research, medical breakthroughs, treatment options and costs, commemorative cancer awareness months, and healthy living tips. The blog even hosts a webchat to help people with cancer and survivors across the globe. You’ll get a wide range of supportive and empowering content here. Visit the blog.


Connecting with people who have or have had cancer can provide a priceless support system. Contributors to IHadCancer discuss everything from treatments and side effects to lifestyle issues. One highlight is their posts on how to talk to others about the disease. They write in an empathetic and personable way that makes this blog one to visit. Visit the blog.

The Liz Army

In July 2008, Liz Salmi received a diagnosis of grade 2 gemistocytic astrocytoma brain cancer. On The Liz Army, she blogs about her experiences seeking treatment. She also discusses what it was like when her father received a diagnosis of brain cancer, too. You’ll appreciate her attention to detail as she chronicles dealing with insurance providers during her treatments. Visit the blog.


As a publication from the University of Pennsylvania, OncoLink is regularly updated with information on different types of cancer. If you’re more of a visual thinker, you can access videos about cancer care, treatments, and holistic aspects of treatment. Visit the blog.

Our Cancer

Leroy Sievers documented his experiences with colon cancer in detail through blog posts and podcasts for NPR. Though he passed away in 2008, his wife, Laurie, continues to update his blog for the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Laurie doesn’t have cancer, but her additions still include valuable information for you and your loved ones. The posts offer a warmhearted look into how cancer impacts those who don’t have the disease. Visit the blog.

SHARE Cancer Support Blog

Founded by survivors of breast and ovarian cancer, SHARE forges a community of women affected by both conditions. In addition to personal stories, they offer support groups, educational programs, and a hotline. Read insights into treatments and research, as well as reflections on personal experiences about receiving a diagnosis, battling, recovering from, and surviving cancer. Visit the blog.

Toom-ah? What Stinkin Toom-Ah!

Jessica Oldwyn received a terminal brain tumor diagnosis in 2010. On Toom-ah, she discusses her quest for healing. She’s traveled far and wide for treatments and believes that sharing her story will inspire others. Not only does Jessica provide a candid and brave look into her journey, she also shares life in a way that lets others know they aren’t alone. Visit the blog.

After Twenty Years

Lisa DeFerrari is a cancer research advocate who blogs about her experiences with breast cancer. She writes a variety of posts, from book reviews to detailed articles on medical advancements in breast cancer. You can visit her blog knowing that many have benefited and appreciated her insights on what it’s like to live with cancer. Visit the blog.

Beauty Through the Beast

Get a raw look into the world of breast cancer on this blog. Beauty Through the Beast is centered on beauty and emotional health in the face of cancer. Nominated by multiple fans, this blog is run by Chiara D’Agostino, who has survived triple-negative breast cancer. You’ll find her innermost feelings, along with strategies and tips for staying hopeful. She also features real voices, survivor stories, and insights into mastectomy, medication, and awareness events. Visit the blog.


Sourced with top-notch information by the American Society of Clinical Oncology, Cancer.net is a place where expertise meets information. Dip into the world of diagnostics, treatment, and thriving with cancer. Read insights, tips, and inspirational posts on cancer, all written by the world’s cancer physicians. Visit the blog.

Bay Area Cancer Connections

Run by a nonprofit organization based in California, Bay Area Cancer Connections supports people with cancer across the globe. They cover topics from members’ stories to tips on support and strategies for healthy living. This group also hosts an annual writing contest and other creative events that bring people together from all over the world. Visit the blog.

Stand Up to Cancer

Chances are, you’ve seen some of the work of Stand Up to Cancer. The organization has many celebrity partnerships and campaigns in the public eye. Making cancer research mainstream is one of the goals of the organization. It’s accomplishing just that through movements like #KissCancerGoodbye and a focus on groundbreaking new therapies, such as medications that boost your immune system to overcome cancer. Visit the blog.

Cancer Frontline

If you’re looking for a site that’s a literal wealth of information on cancer screening, Cancer Frontline is the place to go. The site is heavy with medical content, but don’t let that overwhelm you. You can find anything you’re searching for very easily thanks to the site’s clear navigation, from dealing with caring for a loved one with cancer and the latest clinical trial to ways to honor loved ones. Visit the blog.

The Breast Cancer Society of Canada

In all the talk about cancer research, it can be easy to lose sight of the real reason behind all of that research — the people. The Breast Cancer Society of Canada brings the stories of the people that research impacts to life, like Ruth Ackerman, a pharmacist and triple-negative breast cancer survivor of 17-plus years. Visit the blog.

Cancer Research Catalyst

The official blog of the American Association for Cancer Research has a pretty lofty goal in mind: prevent and cure cancer. But that’s a goal we can all agree on, right? The blog helps break down complicated medical breakthroughs, research, and therapies in easy-to-understand, bite-sized blogs. Visit the blog.

The Cancer Chronicles

Barb thought she’d beat breast cancer once and for all. Then 13 years after her initial diagnosis, it returned. On The Cancer Chronicles, Barb writes about dealing with cancer twice as a wife, mom, school psychologist, thinker, and world traveler. The inside look into her life, her family, and her straightforward writing is a glimpse of her unflinching take on the fact that cancer hasn’t — and won’t — break her. Visit the blog.


Chaunie Brusie, BSN, is a registered nurse in labor and delivery, critical care, and long-term care nursing. She lives in Michigan with her husband and four young children, and she is the author of the book “Tiny Blue Lines.”