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No matter how much you love cuddling your infant, you’ll need to use your hands to accomplish tasks every once in a while. Enter a busy parent’s best friend: the baby wrap.

If you have a little one who needs to be upright after feeds or just loves that skin-to-skin time, a baby wrap can be a lifesaver.

Curious about this miracle product that can give you back valuable time while still keeping your baby close? We’ve got all the info you need to choose the perfect baby wrap for you and your baby.

A baby wrap is a long piece of fabric that can be knotted and tied around a person to create a pouch on their chest, hip, or back. It typically wraps over the shoulders and across the torso to help distribute weight.

You can secure your baby in the pouch for baby wearing.

Although some wraps may be used for babies up to 18 months, many parents find them most enjoyable and useful during the first months of their child’s life. As your little one ages, you may want to switch to a more structured carrier.

While it’s not mandatory to use a baby wrap, many parents find that having one is super useful. After all, baby wraps offer your little one comfort and affection while allowing you to get things done!

If your baby enjoys swings or bouncy seats, you may find you don’t need a wrap as much, but it’s still helpful if you need to be out and about.

If budget is a concern, know that it’s possible to find these on clearance or even being sold very lightly used. That said, when buying a used wrap, you’ll want to make sure that it doesn’t have any defects.

One of the big differences between a baby carrier and a wrap is the lack of clasps and buckles on the wrap.

Many parents of very young newborns love that wraps don’t include these features because they can dig into an infant’s sensitive skin.

On the other hand, as your baby ages, you may find that the added structure and support offered by clasps and buckles is nice to have.

When deciding on the perfect baby wrap, you’ll want to consider:

  • The fabric. How stretchy, breathable, or bulky is the fabric? How long is it? Will you be able to tie it by yourself?
  • The cost. Does it fit within your price range?
  • The extras. Is it produced in environmentally friendly ways? Does the wrap include any extra features, like hidden pockets?

When thinking about which baby wraps rise above the rest, we considered the things that we know matter to you — like fit, cost, and comfort.

We also took into account what parents who actually use these wraps have to say! After all, who better to judge the pros and cons of a baby wrap than the adults using them?

Pricing guide

  • $ = under $30
  • $$ = $30–$59
  • $$$ = over $59

Best overall

Best for beginners

Best for newborns

Solly Baby Wrap

Price: $$$

While many wraps use thicker fabrics, the Solly Baby Wrap has a thinner, super-breathable fabric that’ll keep you and your little one from overheating.

It also comes with tons of extra features, like a hidden pacifier pocket and a pouch attached to one end of the wrap so you can fold it up and store it when you’re not wearing it.

Not only is the fabric perfect for smaller newborns, but it has a lower maximum baby weight than others — so this is really a wrap designed for your younger baby.

While it does come with a slightly higher price tag, many parents find that the extra features and comfortable fabric are worth the money!

Best ring sling

Best organic wrap

Best stretchy wrap

Boba Wrap

Price: $$

In many ways, the Boba Wrap is similar to the MOBY Wrap Classic (reviewed below). However, this one only allows for a baby to be sitting up and positioned toward you.

One thing that makes the Boba Wrap stand apart from the MOBY version in a positive way is the 5 percent spandex in its cotton knit. This offers just enough stretch to perfectly position the wrap but also lets you feel like your baby is still snug and secure.

One caution from parents who used this wrap is that as your baby ages, their extra weight may cause the fabric to stretch and not properly hold them. You’ll want to keep an eye out for this issue or plan on switching to a structured carrier.

Boba Wrap

Best for breastfeeding

Best for all sizes

Best for dads

Best for around the house

KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier

Price: $

This wrap is super affordable — it’s less expensive than many other options while still being incredibly versatile. It can be used as a sling, postpartum belt, or breastfeeding cover.

A long wrap, this is a great choice for individuals in larger bodies and can be easily wrapped twice around the waist if you’re short. The fabric is on the warmer side, but it’s perfect for getting cozy.

Ready to give your hands a break from holding your baby?

If you’re in the market for a baby wrap, make sure to check with your friends and local parent support businesses first. They may have wraps you can test out with your baby before you buy (or even be willing to let you borrow one for a few months).

They also can be a great source of encouragement and guidance as you learn how to appropriately wrap the fabric around yourself.