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At some point while caring for your little bundle of joy, you’re going to need to clear their nose.

Babies aren’t born with the ability to blow their nose, and no one wants to watch their baby suffer with congestion. Having a nasal aspirator on hand is key for those moments when you want your sweet one to breathe easier. But which is best?

In general, there are a few options when it comes to baby nasal aspirators — from classic bulb suction styles like our parents used, to more modern options that are even battery or USB powered.

In short, a nasal aspirator is a device you use to create suction and safely suck out mucus — or boogies! — and clear your baby’s nose so they can breathe without obstruction.

There are two main types of nasal aspirators: the classic bulb syringes and the more intricate aspirators that include tubing or are electrically powered. All versions do the same job, but depending on a caretaker’s preference they’ll opt for one over the other.

Nasal aspirators are incredibly effective at clearing the nasal passages. But you may be surprised to learn that there’s a limit to how frequently you can use them.

Medical experts recommend against using them more than three to four times a day. Excessive use can lead to nasal irritation in your baby and even nosebleeds.

Aspirators can be used when you notice that your child sounds congested, has a runny nose, or you can see visible evidence that their nose is full of boogies.

Regardless of which nasal aspirator you use, make sure you clean it thoroughly with soap and water after every use to prevent the risk of bacteria buildup.

Whichever version you prefer, they can be used with or without nasal drops. But saline nasal drops can help loosen stubborn mucus, making it easier for you to quickly clear your baby’s nose so that both of you can get on with your day.

Nasal aspirators are a fairly straightforward product category, but we still kept a few factors in mind as we created this list.

We focused on affordability, ease of use — especially when you’re trying to use it with a wiggly baby in your arms — and easiest maintenance. And of course, we always take into account recommendations from medical organizations and reviews from parents like you!

Pricing guide

  • $ = under $20
  • $$ = $20–$50
  • $$$ = over $50

Most affordable nasal aspirator

Ravifun Nasal Aspirator

Price: $

It’s not necessary to spend a lot — even for an essential tool like a baby nasal aspirator. The Ravifun Nasal Aspirator is a budget-friendly solution that gives you the freedom to use it in a range of positions.

Since it’s electric-powered (charged with a USB cable), you can toggle between five levels of suction. And, this model is safe for newborns, infants, toddlers, and kids; you’ll appreciate that there are two different silicone tips included to use as your child gets bigger.

Ravifun’s aspirator is easy to clean since you can easily detach the collection cup and clean it with soap and water.

Best nasal aspirator for newborns

Watolt Electric Baby Nasal Aspirator

Price: $$

Anyone who’s ever had to clear a newborn baby’s nose knows that it can be nerve-wracking, especially in the first few days when you bring your little one home.

The Watolt Electric Baby Nasal Aspirator helps restore your confidence thanks to the baby-friendly design that plays soothing music to mask any noise made by this electric-powered aspirator.

We like that this aspirator comes with an LCD screen so you can toggle between three suction levels, and that you can choose between silicone tips of different sizes. The portable design and easy to use operation also make it a travel-friendly solution.

Best nasal aspirator for toddlers

Misiki Electric Nasal Aspirator

Price: $$

Since toddlers have bigger nostrils than newborns and infants, it makes sense that you’ll need different silicone tips to get in there and suck out that snot. The Misiki Electric Nasal Aspirator comes with four different silicone tips, including a set of two gourd-shaped tips that are specifically designed for children over the age of 1.

Parents like that this pick also comes with a built-in, warm LED light so you can check in on little ones as they sleep and better see what’s happening as you use it. You’ll have three different suction levels with this electric aspirator which can be fully charged in just 90 minutes.

Best bulb nasal aspirator

Innovo Twister Bulb

Price: $

There’s nothing wrong with the old-school bulb syringe if you prefer it. But if your biggest gripe with the classic design is that it’s hard to keep clean, you’ll like this model from Innovo.

While it still has the same shape as the classic model, the Innovo model twists apart (thus, its name!) so you can actually get into the bulb and clean it effectively. And it’s also small enough to tuck into a diaper bag for a day of out-and-about errands or longer travel.

Plus the clear design also means you can tell exactly how much mucus or boogies have been removed so you don’t overdo it with that suction action.

Best electric nasal aspirator

Nosiboo Pro Electric Nasal Aspirator

Price: $$$

There’s no way around it, this aspirator is definitely a splurge — so consider putting it on your baby registry! But if you like the idea of getting the best suction power possible while still having control, the electric nasal aspirator from Nosiboo is worth a look.

This aspirator was developed in collaboration with ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialists and was designed to be easy to use and clean. With the Nosiboo Pro Electric Nasal Aspirator, you’ll get an electric base with a tube attached to a bulb with a silicone tip that you hold as you clean your child’s nose.

This aspirator is safe for newborns and kids well into toddlerhood — you’ll get an impressive seven levels of suction. And the cute bear-like base helps to keep little ones entertained as you clean their nose.

Best nasal aspirator for wiggly babies

OCCObaby Battery Operated Nasal Aspirator

Price: $$

Every parent knows what it’s like to try to wrangle a child with one hand while also trying to clean their nose — or complete any other everyday task! So, a product that you can easily operate with one hand is important.

The Occobaby Battery Operated Nasal Aspirator is a great option for children who just can’t sit still. This electric nasal aspirator was designed for use with newborns to toddlers. Three different silicone tip sizes and the angled head make using this product significantly easier.

While there’s a lot to love, a common concern with this pick is that there’s only one suction level. So you may need a significant amount of nasal saline to loosen stubborn boogies or thicker mucus.

Best overall nasal aspirator

FridaBaby NoseFrida

Price: $

While it’s a manual nasal aspirator, the FridaBaby NoseFrida is a fan-favorite for a reason — because it works.

This model features the standard tube plus syringe that requires oral suction to clear your baby’s nose. But it’s also easy to keep clean, and is small enough to make it travel-friendly as well.

Plus, the NoseFrida comes with an all-natural nasal saline spray so that you’re able to loosen stubborn mucus before you get to work.

Your baby’s nose has to be cleared when it’s stuffed up — especially since they don’t know how to do it themselves.

Whichever method you employ — a classic bulb syringe, oral suction, or electric aspirators — always make sure that you keep your aspirator clean between uses to reduce the risk of bacterial growth.

And with electric nasal aspirators, make sure you’re only using the minimum amount of suction you need to clear your baby’s nose.

With any of these amazing tools on hand, your little one will be breathing easy in no time.