best meditation apps of 2015

Meditation has helped relax millions of people for thousands of years, returning them to their daily rou-tines with a sense of calm. Contemporary studies on meditation indicate that it helps to reduce insomnia, decrease the effects of irritable bowel syndrome, and it may even lower the expression of certain genes associated with inflammatory disease. Modern technology has developed many supportive tools for peo-ple who want to meditate. Read on for the best apps to help you in your calming practice.

The Mindfulness App

iPhone rating 4+,
Android rating 4,

Interface: A serene field of blue is the first thing you notice upon opening the Mindfulness app. That's a prelude to the calm to come.

Usability: This simple, easy-to-use pocket tool is great for beginning meditators and anyone more expe-rienced. Choose how long you want to meditate and if you would like guided meditations led by the voice of longtime teacher Catherine Polan Orzech.

Quality: Excellent. The in-app store provides sessions by top meditation experts like Jack Kornfield and Jon Kabat-Zinn.

More: Set reminders to meditate throughout the day or just to take a moment to be more mindful.


iPhone rating:
Android rating:

Interface:Lively but not overwhelming animation keeps the mood light.

Usability: Beginners start with Headspace's Take10 program to learn meditation basics in 10 minutes a day for 10 days. You can subscribe to broader programs to work on specific issues like sleep or relationships.

Quality: Excellent. Headspace has received rave reviews from the famous (Emma Watson) to just regular folks who have used it to increase their mental peace.

More: Sometimes you just need a little headspace. You know — a little time to rest your mind, collect your thoughts, and generally keep the top of your head from blowing off. That's exactly what this friendly app can do for you.