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If you’re one of those kids whose mom started their mornings off with a Flintstone vitamin, you’re going to
love this.

While the colorful gummies were fun to look at as a kid, these vitamins look even better and will make you feel like the adult you’ve grown into. Here are seven vitamins for adults that are all about giving you the best experience for your health.

As with all supplements, vitamins, and herbs, check with your doctor before incorporating them into your diet. It’s possible for herbs to interact with any medications you may already be taking.

If your hair isn’t growing quite as fast as you would like it to, Blissful Lengths might be what your strands need. Although there’s not much clinical evidence for vitamins and hair growth, there’s a lot of anecdotal evidence for vitamin B and the other vitamins in these liquid supplements. If your diet lacks vitamin B, taking these supplements could possibly help your hair and skin.

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Hum Nutrition’s motto is “beauty starts from within,” and on so many levels, we couldn’t agree more. These plant-based, vegan supplements are perfect for natural remedy lovers. Our eyes are on the product Big Chill because it carries Rhodiola rosea (R. rosea) extract. A review of R. rosea reports limited evidence that this herb can help with physical and mental fatigue, with little to no side effects. Another study shows the extract may help with menopause brain. Hum Nutrition reports results with Big Chill in as little as two weeks.

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Power Dust is like an ingestible fairy dust that’ll give you an energetic boost. The formula is a combination of organic, wild-crafted herbs, adaptogenic plants, and bioactive minerals. Power Dust also has Rhodiola, but its main ingredients are astragalus and ginseng. Astragalus has been used as a dietary supplement for fatigue, although studies aren’t conclusive about its efficacy. Ginseng is full of antioxidants, which may help boost your body’s immunity.

But energy claims for these herbs are anecdotal, so be sure to talk to your doctor before trying this supplement. Ginseng can interact with any medications (especially blood thinners) you may already be taking.

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Created exclusively for women, Ritual’s Essential for Women is all about the vitamins women need and none of the filler. It’s also vegan and free of gluten, soy, and synthetic ingredients. The amazing thing that separates this supplement from the rest is that it’s high in what you really need, such as vitamins D and E, iron, magnesium, and more. Most brands tend to load up on vitamins A and C, which most diets cover anyway, especially vegan and vegetarian diets.

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Oily or combination skin? There may be a vitamin for that. Murad’s highly reviewed Pure Skin Clarifying Dietary Supplement has positive effects for many people. The active ingredients are vitamin A, which may help prevent clogged pores, and zinc, which can reduce skin irritation, decrease oil production, and improve skin health. Directions suggest taking two tablets in the morning and evening for your journey toward clear skin.

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Sometimes, even the best vitamin packs won’t meet your specific needs. That’s where Care/of comes in. After you fill out a comprehensive quiz about your health, goals, and lifestyle, Care/of will provide combination suggestions to tackle your concerns. Their cute personalized vitamin packs will make taking your daily supplements a lot more pleasant.

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Don’t forget to listen to your body! What works for other people may not work for you, which is why we rounded up six different options for you to look into. We also recommend reading reviews before clicking the “Add to Cart” button, as each person’s experience differs. If you have any concerns, call your healthcare provider or talk to your doctor before starting any supplements. Herbs and vitamins can interact with other medication you take.