Thanks to their legendary massages, spa days are known for their relaxing and glowing experiences. Not only do you feel like a puddle of calm afterward, but if you got a facial massage, your skin is probably rejuvenated and glowing.

You don’t have to wait for the weekend to get those same benefits. An at-home facial massage can work pretty well with getting rid of puffiness and leave you looking flushed and alive. Plus, it’s also an excellent stress reliever and mood elevator.

We picked the top five videos from the internet that covered the art of DIY facial massages. Remember, no matter which massage you end up choosing, keep in mind it’s not the answer to all your skin concerns. A 2014 review found that facial massages are positive and promising, but they still need to be studied with more people for a significant conclusion.

But the point of facial massages is less about the science and more about you. Hear it from us: These facial massages are comforting AF.

If you’re completely new to facial massage, Abigail James’ video is a great place to start. She gives advice on how to pick and apply the best massage oils (she recommends plant-based oils without synthetics) as well as how to perform the massage on yourself.

Jade rolling has been a common practice in China for centuries and has recently become more common in other countries. And for good reason: A 2018 study found there’s increased blood flow in your skin 10 minutes after a five-minute facial massage. This can help more nutrients get into your skin.

This video by Gothamista will teach you how to get the benefits of facial massage plus the extra benefits from jade rolling so you can really make sure the serums penetrate your skin.

Get the blood flowing to those areas to relieve any tension. This video by Learn How to Massage extends the facial massage to the neck and upper chest area as well. And that’s a bonus: The neck and chest, which are equally exposed to the sun’s UV rays, are often neglected areas of skin care. Plus, the soothing background music will have you feeling relaxed before you begin practicing on yourself.

This relaxing and informative video by oxfordjasmine will teach you how to give yourself spalike facial massages for quality drainage. She specifically focuses on pressure points to help release tension in your forehead and around your eyes. It’s an ideal tutorial for those who want to feel invigorated first thing in the morning.

Shiseido is a mainstay brand for Japanese skin care, so it’s no surprise their quick video gives a professional primer on how to massage your skin with their firming mask (you can use any moisturizing cream). Josephine Wong specifically teaches you how to clear up your skin while softening wrinkles around your forehead, eyes, chin, and jawline.

You don’t have to perform these facial massages exactly as the videos instruct. The idea is to develop a comfortable routine that suits and calms you. And the benefits of a facial massage, especially if done while cleansing your face, could do wonders for unclogging and purging your pores.

If you find five minutes of facial massaging boring and time-consuming, make it one minute. You can also make massaging part of your cleansing routine or do it while you’re in the shower.

Emily Gadd is a writer and editor who lives in San Francisco. She spends her spare time listening to music, watching movies, wasting her life on the internet, and going to concerts.