A Cupid’s bow is the name of a lip shape where the upper lip comes to two distinct points toward the center of the mouth, almost like a letter ‘M’. These points are usually directly in line with the philtrum, otherwise known as the grooved space between the nose and mouth.

A Cupid’s bow mouth resembles the double-curved bow often seen carried by the Roman god, Cupid. Some people have more pronounced Cupid’s bows than others, and some don’t have one at all.

A Cupid’s bow gives the lips a heart shape, which may be how it got its name. Some upper lips are uniform in shape, and others dip down in the middle, revealing two distinct peaks of the upper lip. The latter is known as a Cupid’s bow. Taylor Swift has a famous Cupid’s bow, and it’s generally viewed as an attractive feature.

Cleft lips affect approximately 1 in every 600 babies born. This is a condition that causes a split in one side of the lip all the way through one nostril. It can affect just the lip, or the lip and the palate.

The cleft lip is often corrected with surgery, which, because of scarring, can cause one side of the Cupid’s bow to look more pronounced than the other. This may result in slightly uneven lips.

There is no research supporting that the Cupid’s bow has any function for the body’s health or well-being. Anecdotally, some theories say that the dip in the center of the lip gives the lip more space to move and express, thereby increasing the range of non-verbal communication.

Most people have a Cupid’s bow, or at least a variation of the size of their upper lip. You will notice that most people’s lips dip slightly in the middle, but on some, this feature is much more pronounced.

People with extremely full upper lips, or those who have had Botox fillers, may not have as noticeable of a Cupid’s bow as the plumpness reduces the definition of the upper lip.

If you’re looking to surgically enhance your Cupid’s bow, or have a more pronounced philtrum, some people opt to have a lip lift. A lip lift is a permanent solution.

The cosmetic procedure is an in-office surgical procedure and it shortens the space between the nose and the top of the lip (philtrum). This procedure is unlikely to be covered by insurance and is permanent.

Some people opt for a Cupid’s bow piercing, also called a Medusa piercing, which is different than a lip ring. The piercing actually goes directly in between the two points of the bow, onto the philtrum.

It typically takes six to twelve weeks to heal, and the aftercare is involved because the piercing is on the face, and close to the nose and mouth.

While it’s healing, you should not smoke, and avoid getting makeup or skincare products too close, which may cause infection.

A Cupid’s bow is where the upper lip comes to two distinct points toward the center of the mouth. This looks a bit like the double-pointed bow that Cupid is often depicted holding. Most people have some sort of Cupid’s bow, though some are more pronounced than others.

Because of corrective surgery, people born with a cleft lip may have one side of the bow look more pronounced than the other, and people who have lip fillers may not have as pronounced of a bow.