I work in the beauty industry, so I've adopted a very serious skin care routine over the past few years. It makes more sense to make sure my skin is naturally healthy and glowing, instead of relying on makeup to cover up my blemishes. Plus, I'm also just incredibly lazy when it comes to wearing makeup.

So naturally, the most important thing I pack for vacations are my skin care products. Traveling can be exhausting, and it's easy for my skin to get dry because of the different weather, or because I'm not drinking enough water.

So below, I'm sharing the five skin care essentials I swear by when traveling. I used these products on a recent trip to Bali and Korea, and my skin looked amazing the entire trip.

1. Serums and oils

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I prefer to bring serums and oils when I'm traveling instead of moisturizers, because I feel like they get the job done more when it comes to hydrating. And it's also a smaller bottle to pack.

My favorite serum right now is the Kate Somerville Quench Hydrating Face Serum. It applies like an oil, except with a faster drying time, and I love it because it's scentless. I picked up a new serum from Goldust Beauty Lounge while I was in Bali, and it’s very similar in application, except it has gold flakes in it and smells like roses. And La Mer Oil is another crowd favorite.

2. Sunscreen

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This goes without saying, but bringing sunscreen is a must. I love Innisfree Sunscreen right now, because it's not oily and applies almost matte.

3. Hair crème

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I bought the Ouai Finishing Crème for my hair a while ago. This is actually one product line where it's not only good marketing, but the products actually work. I'm obsessed because it's just the quick fix I need for my super dry ends.

Another product that I always have with me is my Olaplex. This is my secret miracle product that I use to keep my blonde hair in some semblance of healthy when I’m away.

4. Facial mists

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I never go anywhere without my mists, period. Mists are the first step to my skin care routine — followed by serum, oil, and moisturizer. I bring this with me on the plane, too. A quick spritz of mist always does the trick in hydrating my skin and making me feel clean, even if I've been on a plane for hours on end.

The one I brought with me on my trip to Asia is Eco Garden's Toning Mist. It's small and compact, but also packs a punch. Eco Garden is an LA-based brand and the mist is paraben-free and smells like cucumber and rose! I also love Innisfree's Green Tea Mineral Mist.

5. Eye and sheet masks

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When you’re off enjoying vacation, it seems unlikely you’ll have time to use masks. But at the very least, I like to pack eye masks for the plane. I recently picked up Goldust Beauty Lounge's Gold Eye masks that I'm excited to use on the plane.

I also brought Skinesque's Sheet Masks to use while in Bali and I'm really glad I did. They're super hydrating. Masks are a way for you to make up for being lazy on your skin care, or if you just need that extra punch of hydration — so I always pack at least one, just in case!

Don’t forget to pack your best skin!

Beauty products may seem like an unlikely essential for vacation, but your skin should be the last thing you have to worry about on vacay. Hopefully these packing tips are helpful the next time you pack for vacay or even for your day-to-day beauty routine!

The original post was published on Karenrosalie.com.

Karen Rosalie is a beauty photographer and founder of Rosalie Agency.