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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 1 in 68 children are on the autism spectrum — and that number may be even higher due to a potential gender bias in diagnosing.

From special education and medical care, to socialization and home life, autism can create challenges for both the people who live with it and those who love them. But support can come in many forms, including information. Keeping abreast of the latest research and news from the autism community can be a game changer.

In hopes of sharing valuable information and resources, we’ve gathered the best podcasts about autism this year. Some on the list are entire series dedicated to autism while others are featured episodes. We hope that they offer support and advice helpful for anyone impacted by autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Autism Science Foundation Weekly Science Report

Through the Autism Science Foundation, doctors and parents work to support and promote ASD research and awareness. Their weekly podcast summarizes emerging information about ASD. Episodes cover a wide range of topics, like relationships and sexuality, research news, funding, genetics, and therapies.

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Word of Mouth

Alis Rowe not only lives with Asperger’s syndrome herself, she’s also written about 20 books on the subject. Through the Curly Hair Project, Rowe and Helen Eaton — whose child has ASD — are helping to break down the boundaries and build relationships between “neurotypical” people and “neurodiverse” individuals who are on the spectrum. In this episode of “Word of Mouth” from the BBC, Michael Rosen speaks with them about what it’s like to have an ASD, especially relating to communication.

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Babytalk: Pushing the Boundaries of Autism

New situations and unfamiliar surroundings can be particularly uncomfortable for those with ASD. But instead of sheltering his son with autism, Dr. James Best wanted to help him go beyond his limits. Best’s hope was that by taking his son way out of his comfort zone on a trip to Africa, he would help him develop adaptive life skills. Best admits it took an enormous amount of “drama, personal anguish, and soul searching,” but that his son did make incredible strides. Listen to the interview on “Babytalk” to hear his story, from the trauma of diagnosis and seeing positives in autism, to their journey to Africa.

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Moving Autism Forward

Moving Autism Forward” is presented by Talk About Curing Autism (TACA), a nonprofit dedicated to helping families impacted by the disorder. Their mission is to empower families to find the best treatments and to foster a supportive community. Through the podcast, TACA shares personal stories and perspectives on autism, as well as emerging research and treatments. Tune in for expert talks on issues like the best advice for parents, and legal challenges the community faces.

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Autism by UCTV

The University of California’s television outlet helps bring the university system’s cutting edge discoveries, as well as relevant educational information, to the public. Several episodes focus on autism, from genetics to diagnosis to therapies. They also have expert Q&A’s that may just answer some of your pressing questions.

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The Guardian’s Science Weekly

“Science Weekly” is a podcast from The Guardian that dives into the biggest discoveries in science and math. This episode tackles why autism is often misdiagnosed in women. Autism researcher William Mandy, PhD, explains that it’s partly to do with differences in the way that males and females present symptoms. Hannah Belcher, who has autism herself, is now studying misdiagnosis for females with autism in her PhD research. She explains what life was like before being diagnosed with autism and the coping strategies she’s employed.

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Modern Love

Modern Love” is a series from the New York Times and WBUR that examines love, loss, and redemption. In this episode, actor Mykelti Williamson reads the essay, “The Boy Who Makes Waves,” about the trials and tribulations of raising a son with autism. With elegant prose told in a comforting voice, the story examines parental guilt and sacrifices, worry for future care, feelings of failures, and moments of joy.

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The Autism Show

The Autism Show” is a weekly podcast intended primarily for parents and educators. Guests include authors, educators, advocates, and those impacted by ASD. They share insights on therapies, tips, and personal experiences of living with ASD. Episodes also highlight organizations and autism-related products, such as apps intended to improve quality of life.

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Finding Mikey

Finding Mikey” chronicles one family’s journey with autism, sensory processing disorder (SPD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and Asperger’s syndrome. They share their experiences as a platform for inspiring others and providing helpful strategies for coping with these disorders. Episodes contain personal accounts and expert advice from doctors, lawyers, advocates, and other influential members of the community. It’s also packed with practical help for everyday things or special events, such as packing for family trips. Their goal is helping families and individuals thrive as they progress through school and enter into the adult world.

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Autism Live

Autism Live” is a parent and doctor-driven web series. The goal of the programming is to give parents and caregivers autism-related resources, support, and educational tools. Topics cover a wide range, from therapies and how autism is portrayed in pop culture, to healthy eating and even sex. Watch live on the show’s website to ask questions of the experts and recommend discussion topics.

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Autism Blueprint

Janeen Herskovitz, LHMC is a psychotherapist who helps spectrum families, who’s also an autism mom herself. As host of “Autism Blueprint,” Herskovitz focuses on fostering healthy, tranquil home environments for families impacted by ASD. The weekly podcast takes you room by room, offering ASD education as well as strategies for handling various situations and experiences.

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