Understanding asthma from a medical standpoint is essential, but finding support from people living with the same condition is truly invaluable. Each year, Healthline looks for asthma-focused online resources that offer accurate medical information, insight, and a sense of community to those who need it. We hope you find this year’s best asthma blogs both educational and empowering.


This self-described “badassmatic,” health advocate, lab rat, and marathon walker shares his personal experience with severe asthma. He shares his coping mechanisms and the obstacles he faces trying to stay physically fit when just breathing can be a challenge. His writing and perspective are inspiring for anyone dealing with their own diagnosis. This blog serves as a powerful reminder that no one is defined by a disease.

My Life as an Asthma Mom

Parenting children who have allergies and asthma can be a daunting experience. This blog is written and maintained by a mother who not only lives with asthma herself, but raised three children with the same condition. She offers sensible advice gleaned from her own experiences to help others as they navigate parenting young ones with asthma.

Allergy & Asthma Network

With its mix of patient-oriented information covering everything from Q&As and insurance issues to trigger management, this is a great resource for people living with asthma and its related conditions. The nonprofit organization also offers outreach and advocacy.

Asthma UK

This British organization is committed to stopping asthma attacks and curing asthma. The blog features a wonderful resource section. You can even print out asthma action plans and school asthma cards. Get actionable information on what to do after an asthma attack, how to manage asthma as you get older, and much more.

Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America

The world’s oldest asthma and allergy patient group was founded in 1953. The community section of its website covers a variety of relevant topics while also creating forums for discussion and connection. Readers can peruse posts about current asthma news, studies and statistics, and self-care advice.

Asthma Allergies Children

Two doctors are behind this blog dedicated to expert-backed perspectives on asthma and allergies. They offer an authoritative collection of articles, news highlights, and commentary on trends in asthma treatment.

National Asthma Council Australia

Australia’s leading authority on asthma is a great resource for anyone seeking to understand asthma and how to live with it. The blog includes timely advice about managing flare-ups, becoming familiar with medical lingo, and learning about the newest inhalers. It also offers posts geared toward medical professionals. Tips include preparing patients for everything from thunderstorm asthma season to the increased risks associated with children heading back to school.


This website exists to empower patients and caregivers so they can take control of their health. Visitors can learn and connect with peers and healthcare professionals. Contributors to the site include physicians, patient advocates, and guest experts. Individuals also share first-person stories of how their lives have been affected by asthma.

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