An internet celebrity—who rose to fame after unfortunate circumstances—has pledged money for research into finding a cure for juvenile diabetes, a cause close to his family.

In July, Antoine Dodson was living with his family in an impoverished housing project in Huntsville, Ala. One night, he rushed to his sister's room, allegedly preventing an intruder from assaulting her. After a brief struggle with Dodson, the intruder fled through a window.

Dodson's interview with a local television station next morning became an internet sensation. The video went viral after The Gregory Brothers used the interview in their popular internet show, Auto-Tune the News. The "Bed Intruder Song" video has been viewed more that 10.5 million times on YouTube.

To take advantage of his overnight fame, Dodson now has a website and sells the now-infamous "Bed Intruder Song" on iTunes. He is using his celebrity from the unfortunate event to help buy a home for his family in a safer neighborhood.

Dodson has also pledged a percentage of his earnings to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, an organization that committed to researching a cure for type 1 diabetes.

Juvenile diabetes is an issue close to Dodson and his family. His sister had it as a child, but with proper treatment, she overcame it. However, Dodson's niece died from complications from the disease.

"I think this is a good way to start making progress on moving and helping other kids who can't help themselves and even families who can't afford treatment," Dodson wrote on his website. "This is a very good way to help and speak out. I think this is a good opportunity to start a great movement." 

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