Many people are surprised to learn about the individuality of the Alzheimer’s or dementia journey. It varies tremendously from one person to the next simply because symptoms develop differently for everyone.

Each year, Healthline searches for blogs that beautifully and truthfully illustrate this range of perspectives from people living with or caring for those with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

We hope you’ll find these online resources educational, inspiring, and empowering.

Early Onset Alzheimer’s Blog

Primary caregivers for people living with early onset Alzheimer’s will find compassion, calm advice, and even humor on Linda Fisher’s blog. She began her online journal in 2008 following her husband’s diagnosis, when she assumed the role of primary caregiver. She continues to write about their experiences with insight and grace.

Alzheimer’s Speaks Blog

Lori La Bey’s personal experiences as a caregiver make her a valuable resource for others. Encouraging, assisting, and engaging those in need is the goal of Alzheimer’s Speaks, a platform designed to give back the voice that can be lost to the disease.

Dealing with Dementia

Family caregivers will appreciate Kay Bransford’s grace and humor about what it’s like to care for her parents as they moved through varying stages of memory loss and dementia. She details how she solved practical issues — like accessing assets to pay for her parents’ care — and offers helpful advice gleaned from her own experiences.

Us Against Alzheimer’s

Anyone looking for medical updates, research, networks, and a way to get involved in finding a cure will find this a valuable resource. Visitors can share their personal stories, sign a petition, contact lawmakers, learn about early detection, and much more.

Alzheimer’s Matters Blog

The blog of the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation, the only charity solely focused on finding drugs for Alzheimer’s, is a useful place for anyone actively seeking advances and developments in the fight against this disease. Information on the blog includes details about clinical trials, personal stories, different types of dementia, and potential cures.

Alzheimer’s Society Blog

As the UK’s leading dementia charity, the Alzheimer’s Society is an excellent source for the latest research and information regarding Alzheimer’s and dementia. Their blog includes personal stories, advice, and information from patients and their family members. Visitors can also contribute their own personal stories or donate to their charity.

Alzheimer’s Association

The Northern California and Northern Nevada Chapter Blog of the Alzheimer’s Association provides stories on the latest research and personal stories coming out of the region. Visitors to the site will find blog posts focused on three main categories: caregiving, research, and education. Readers can also subscribe or donate to the blog.

Alz Authors

On Alz Authors, readers will find a comprehensive collection of memoirs, novels, children’s books, caregiver guides, and blogs aiming to inspire and encourage people who have been affected by Alzheimer’s and dementia. Every week, they add a new Alzheimer’s and dementia book recommendation to their blog. Scroll through the blog to find a book you connect with and purchase it from their online bookstore.

ElderCare at Home

Being a caregiver can be an incredibly challenging job, especially if you’re caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. At ElderCare at Home, visitors have access to numerous blog posts providing tips about how to handle the everyday physical and emotional challenges that come up as a caregiver. People caring for their aging parents or other loved ones will also find helpful guidance on this blog.

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