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Some people report additional relief from practicing alternative medicine, especially on top of their normal health routine. As non-traditional medical practices get more popular, you want to be sure that you’re getting the right information. Check out our list of the best alternative medicine blogs of the year and learn what you can gain from each one.

While it’s a good idea to fully educate yourself on alternative treatments, talk to your doctor before taking on any new health routine. Some alternative medicines can interact negatively with certain health conditions or any existing medications you may be taking.



First started in 2008, GreenMedInfo.com is a website that touts “evidence-based natural medicine.” It has since provided numerous articles on therapeutics, nutrition, and homeopathy. All blog posts are written by alternative medicine practitioners. Some also offer caution against common conventional medical practices, such as taking over-the-counter pain relievers.

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Lissa Rankin, MD

If you’re looking for advice from a professional in the field of alternative medicine, then consider checking out Lissa Rankin’s blog. Rankin left her traditional OB-GYN practice in 2007 to open an integrative health practice. While she left clinical practices altogether in 2012, Rankin’s been focused on writing and advocacy ever since. In Rankin’s narrative-style posts, she breaks down complicated issues into layman’s terms on a variety of topics related to integrated medicine, body-mind practices, and the healthcare system.

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Wellness Mama

Sometimes we just need to know alternative medicine-based solutions to everyday issues, like making aromatherapy sprays or finding an easy dinner recipe. If living that clean and all-natural life appeals to you, you’ll benefit from Wellness Mama. The blog was established by Katie, the “wellness mama” of six children. She covers a range of issues for busy moms wanting to incorporate more natural methods into their family’s lives. You’ll find everything from beauty and wellness tips to recipes and cleaning products and even marriage and parenting advice.

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The Organic View

The Organic View offers science-based blog posts on trendy topics related to health, the environment, sustainability, and more. Their coverage goes deep into the topic and, compared to mainstream media coverage, is a lot more expert-based. As an added bonus, this blog accommodates a time-constricted life. They offer you an estimated reading time above each post before you even decide to dive in! You can also pick up a few organic recipes while you’re perusing the site.

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Dr. Greene’s Blog

If you’re looking for family lifestyle advice from a medical physician, consider Dr. Greene’s Blog. Greene is a pediatrician with experience dating back to 1993. He started his blog in 2009 and has since shared his advice on a variety of topics related to raising a healthy family the natural way. Throughout the blog, you’ll gain insights into topics related to healthy pregnancies, allergies in children, nutrition, sleep tips for children, and more.

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Vitality is a Canadian-based online magazine dedicated to vitality through healthy living. Most entries are written by Editor-in-Chief Julia Woodford, who stresses the important link between healthy foods and lifestyles to your overall well-being. There’s a multitude of natural health-based articles, news posts, and book reviews for all ages and walks of life. Whether it’s nutrition, GMO issues, herbal remedies, or mindfulness, Vitality has it.

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Natural Blaze

If you’re looking for a one-stop website for all things natural living, then you may want to bookmark the Natural Blaze. Aside from medical news and pharmaceutical education, the website covers a wealth of topics including nutrition, gardening, home remedies, and lifestyle. A convenient search bar lets you narrow down your topics of research.

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Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD

Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD, is a women’s health specialist. She’s been featured on news outlets like NPR and ABC and has published books and articles in national magazines. Readers interested in women’s health issues can gain some expert advice from her blog, where she covers hormones, weight loss, yoga, and more. Dr. Gottfried also takes a holistic approach to health and wellness, where she acknowledges the use of medical intervention to advocate, in some cases, for nutrition and balance.

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Global Healing Center

Global Healing Center is a Texas-based alternative medicine company specializing in supplements and detox products. Founder Dr. Edward F. Group claims their products are both natural and vegan. Aside from product sales, Global Healing Center also runs a blog for the public to learn more about herbs, supplements, and natural ingredients to support overall health.

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Banyan Botanicals

Banyan Botanicals is an herbal supplement store rooted in the practice of ayurvedic living, a traditional, alternative medicine-based lifestyle from India. Banyan Bontanicals’ website tells you everything there is to know about this holistic lifestyle. Their insightful blog also provides plenty of information on exercise routines, self-care, and recipes to support your healthy diet. It’s likely you’ll learn about herbs and superfoods you’ve never heard of before.

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Be Well

If you’re looking for expert advice from a medical doctor who utilizes both Western and Eastern-based approaches, check out Be Well. This blog is run by the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center, a New York City-based clinic founded by Dr. Frank Lipman. Here you can find tips related to organic nutrition and cooking. Additionally, the website features articles on mindfulness, exercise, and environmental concerns related to your health.

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Natural Medicine Journal

Natural Medicine Journal is published by IMPACT Health Media and is the official journal of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. They commonly cover nutrition, detox, and natural approaches to pain management, like acupuncture. Professionals like doctors, nurse practitioners, and natural health journalists offer their expert advice on this blog. Their Twitter account also regularly tweets natural treatments for a variety of conditions.

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Maharishi Ayurveda

Looking beyond simply eating natural foods and trying out an occasional home remedy? Consider visiting Maharishi Ayurveda’s blog, which covers the ancient Indian holistic practice ayurveda. Whether you’re a new or regular ayurvedic follower, the articles on this blog may help you achieve the ultimate mind-body connection you desire. Article topics range from meditation and yogic techniques to nutritional concerns. There are even articles to help get kids involved in your ayurvedic practice!

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Homeopathic Family Medicine

Just as ayurveda is one type of alternative medicine, homeopathic medicine is another type of practice. Homeopathic Family Medicine is a website devoted to teaching readers about this type of practice. It’s geared more towards readers who are unfamiliar with homeopathy. Here you’ll learn the science behind homeopathy and how the practice of using certain substances can prevent disease.

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Homeopathy World Community

Homeopathy World Community is a website dedicated to health concerns and news related to homeopathy. The blog is geared toward readers who may be somewhat or very familiar with homeopathic medicine. Most of the posts are published by professional homeopathic practitioners who cover a range of topics, like pain and chronic disease management.

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Naturopathic Doctor News & Review

Established in 2005, Naturopathic Doctor News & Review has since been a leading source of information for naturopathic doctors in the North American region. The issues come out monthly and contain articles written by experts in the field. While originally geared toward naturopathic doctors, you don’t necessarily have to be one to read these articles. If you’re curious about naturopathy and how it might play a role in your healthy lifestyle, consider checking out the website.

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Chris Kresser

Nutrition is a mainstay in both weight management and your overall health. In his blog, veteran alternative medicine practitioner Chris Kresser explores a variety of different diets, such as paleo, anti-inflammatory, and gluten-free, and discusses how these are linked to how your body functions.

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ACAM Integrative Medicine Blog

The American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) is a leader in integrative medicine. To prove their slogan of “the voice of integrative medicine,” ACAM has its own blog to help inform the public about this type of practice. Integrative medicine focuses on both physical and spiritual therapies to achieve an overall healthy body and outlook on life. To this end, ACAM’s blog covers healthy recipes, mental health balance, and current news in integrative medicine.

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East West School of Planetary Herbology

This school for herbalists has been training professionals since the 1980s. The school specializes in the practice of herbs in Western, Chinese, and East Indian medicine. Founders Michael and Lesley Tierra also share their personal insights on the blog. They both write about herbs, health, and life in general, but each have their own blog on the site. Follow both their blogs to learn about new foods, seasonal recipes, and updates on health information.

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Tao of Wellness

If you want to learn how acupuncture plays a role in alternative medicine, read what Tao of Wellness has to say. This California-based clinic offers acupuncture appointments and nutrition counseling. They discuss these topics on their blog for the general public, too. They don’t post very often, but what you do see can be invaluable.

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AcuFinder is primarily a referral service for patients looking for a local acupuncturist. But they also have an informative database for all items related to the practice. This blog is especially helpful if you’re new to this type of alternative medicine. Learn the science behind acupuncture for specific healing methods of certain health concerns. As a bonus, the website also features current news items and educational opportunities for people interested in going into the practice.

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Acupuncture in the News

Acupuncture in the News is a portion of the British Acupuncture Council’s website dedicated to sharing the latest news on acupuncture. It’s a top source for acupuncturists and also has open access for public readership. The blog covers evidence-based treatment measures using acupuncture as well how celebrities use the practice. News articles tend to be published every few months. In the meantime, you can post a question on the website to get some of your answers a bit more quickly.

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Root Cause Medical Clinic

While the bricks-and-mortar clinic is located in California, Root Cause Medical Clinic has a wealth of knowledge they share on their blog. Most of the posts are videos, where co-founder Dr. Vikki Petersen shares her expertise on a variety of common health concerns, including weight loss, chronic pain, and digestive issues.

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