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This holiday season, you could gift friends and family with wine or chocolates — but why not invest in their health instead?

We handpicked these all-natural, all-eco gifts and goodies to help the special someone’s in your life relax, restore, and rejuvenate inside and out.

Whether it’s a new, nontoxic beauty product or spiritual cards to help de-stress your day-to-day, this selection of stones, skincare, and sustainable goods are designed to make the holidays happy and healthy.

1. Hammocks with heart

We could all use a little more downtime, and Yellow Leaf Hammocks is on a mission to make that a reality.

Their 100 percent hand-woven hammocks are created by artisan weavers from the hill tribes of Thailand, a community at high risk for human trafficking and with little economic opportunity. Committed to paying these artisans a “prosperity wage” for their work, Yellow Leaf is empowering weavers — most of them women — to thrive as mainstays of their communities.

2. Personalized chai

Nothing warms the hands and heart better than a cup of spiced chai. Uncommon Goods’ chai tea kit is the thing to make your very own personalized cup just the way you like it.

Create your own signature blend with a selection of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, star anise, and Ceylon tea. So grab your favorite oversized mug and get to brewing. With twelve pots of tea packed in this little assortment of spices, you’ll be keeping cozy for the rest of winter.

3. Winter wisdom

Historically, winter is a time for reflection and turning inward. The Wisdom of Tao Oracle Cards offer a poetic, beautifully illustrated way to reconnect with your spiritual side.

Encountering a roadblock or wondering about the future? Consult these cards inspired by nature’s elements to gain clarity and get in touch with your soulful side.

4. A taste of nature

Fresh herbs dress up any dish, and when you’re cooking for the holidays you want to pull out all the stops. This indoor herb garden with LED lights means that no matter where you live, you’ll have easy access to a sprig of rosemary for those country potatoes or a bit of parsley and thyme for an herb-crusted holiday ham.

The sleek design also makes for a nice addition to the kitchen counter, bringing in a little sunshine to even the darkest city dwelling. Simon and Garfunkel would be proud.

5. A little self-love in a bottle

This luxurious massage oil is perfect for starting or ending your day with self-massage for better circulation, muscle soreness, or some extra relaxation.

Infused with calming, therapeutic-grade lavender in an almond and jojoba base, it’s perfect for an at-home spa day or something a little more sensual.

Free of silicone, parabens, and preservatives, it’s hypoallergenic so it can go anywhere — and we do mean anywhere — for the ultimate massage for one or for two.

6. The magical matcha whisk

Matcha devotees tout the amazing health benefits of this drink, but brewing it yourself can sometimes be a challenge. Those powdery green clumps don’t make for the most appetizing sip.

Luckily, Japanese tradition has already solved this problem with the ‘Chasen’ matcha whisk, offered by Teance Teas. This little bamboo beauty ensures that your matcha latte is all one smooth shade of jade. And its sleek size means it fits perfectly into a stocking.

7. Something to pulse away pain

For muscle pain, inflammation, or tension, a TENS unit like this one can be an effective and high-tech way to ease the pressure.

TENS machines send electronic pulses to the surface of the skin, contacting the nerve strands. This not only reduces pain signals to the brain, but may stimulate the production of endorphins.

When weekly massages aren’t an option, having a TENS unit around is a simple DIY way to find pain relief and let go.

8. An all-body, all-in-one detox

Calcium bentonite clay is one of the most versatile natural health and beauty products available. It’s renowned for its ability to draw toxins out of the body, whether via a facial, acne spot treatment, body wrap, or nice long soak in the bath.

Calcium bentonite clay is a staple for any alternative health advocate. Gift it along with a card featuring instructions on how to make your own clay mask.

9. A little extra sparkle

You can never have enough natural beauty in your life, especially during the winter months when we spend so much of our time indoors.

Little Box of Rocks has just the remedy for cabin fever with their mini collections of gemstones. Choose from an assortment of colors and purported healing properties to suit any space or personality. Then let the rocks do the rest to create a peaceful, natural ambience that will brighten any room with a little bit of earthiness.

10. Happy wrap

During the holidays, wrapping paper creates a ton of waste that could be avoided with a little ingenuity. Luckily, Wrappily makes it easy to gift with your best foot forward while keeping the planet in mind.

Their 100 percent recycled newsprint wrapping paper features colorful, stylish designs, plus an option for your very own customized paper. They don’t skimp on the accessories, either, with an offering of bows, ribbons, and even colored hemp twine to make your packages complete.

Crystal Hoshaw is a longtime yoga practitioner and complementary medicine enthusiast. She has studied Ayurveda, Eastern philosophy, and meditation for much of her life. Crystal believes that health comes from listening to the body and gently and compassionately bringing it into a state of balance. You can learn more about her at her blog, Less Than Perfect Parenting.