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This article was originally published on Mattress Finder.

To help you find the right sleep products and tools for your needs, Healthline has partnered with the certified experts at Mattress Finder to bring our readers comprehensive reviews of thoroughly tried-and-tested mattresses.

If you’re looking for a budget-tier hybrid mattress, you’ve come to the right place.

DreamCloud and Allswell Home are fairly new to the bed-in-a-box industry, but both have quickly built up a reputation for producing premium coil beds at fair prices.

Allswell Home is backed by the retail giant Walmart and offers three different beds: the Allswell, the Luxe, and the Supreme.

DreamCloud offers two mattress models and is backed by Resident Home, which also operates the Nectar, Level Sleep, and Awara brands.

In this review, we discuss the pros and cons of each bed to make your purchase decision an easy one.

Customer policies

Allswell, like most bed-in-a-box companies, offers free shipping, free returns, a 100-night sleep trial, and a 10-year warranty with its mattresses.

DreamCloud kicks those policies up a notch. It offers free shipping, free returns, a full year trial period, and an Everlong Warranty.

Hybrid designs

All of the beds in this analysis are considered hybrids, meaning they incorporate coils in additional to layers of foam.

The base Allswell Hybrid has the most simple design of the four. It’s 10 inches thick and uses a mix of poly foam, pocketed coils, and gel memory foam.

The Allswell Luxe is 2 inches thicker and made of poly foam, pocketed coils, gel memory foam, and the company’s proprietary SwirlFoam.

The Allswell Supreme (14 inches thick), DreamCloud (14 inches thick), and DreamCloud Premier (15 inches thick) mattresses have slightly more complex constructions.

Although they differ slightly, the design of both mattresses are fairly similar in that they use a combination of pocketed coils, memory foam, and a quilted pillow top.

Firmness profiles

The four beds discussed in this comparison range from medium (about 5 on scale) to medium-firm (about 7). The softest beds are the DreamCloud, DreamCloud Premier, and Allswell Luxe mattresses.

The firmest bed out of the four is the flagship Allswell Hybrid. The Allswell Supreme lands somewhere between the three other beds on the firmness scale.

Feel analysis

You can group the beds into two different tiers in terms of how they feel. The Allswell Hybrid and Allswell Luxe have what we consider to be a moderate or standard foam feel.

Although the beds technically incorporate memory foam, you don’t really feel it all that much. All we mean by the term “moderate” is that the top layers are soft and comfortable. They just don’t mold or form to your body like traditional memory foam.

The DreamCloud and Allswell Supreme mattresses, on the other hand, do have more of a prototypical memory foam feel. As you lie down, you can feel the top layers adapt to your body’s shape.

However, with that said, it’s not an overwhelming memory foam feel. That’s because the pillow tops on the DreamCloud and Supreme beds work to counteract the memory foam a little.

Overall, we’d say the DreamCloud and Supreme mattresses have a mixed memory foam and pillow top feel.

Appropriate sleeping positions

It’s difficult to divide the beds into different categories when talking about suitable sleeping positions. That’s in large part due to the fact that we think the Allswell Luxe, Allswell Supreme, and DreamCloud mattresses are ideal for all types of sleepers.

It really doesn’t matter whether you spend the majority of the night sleeping on your back, stomach, or side. All three beds offer sleepers a friendly equilibrium between comfort and support.

The only outlier in this department is the flagship Allswell Hybrid, which we think is best for dominant back and stomach sleepers only. Due to its firmer profile, it just doesn’t offer side sleepers the same amount of pressure relief as the other beds.

Suitable body types

We’re happy to report that all four beds properly support sleepers of all shapes and sizes. We feel comfortable making this claim given each bed uses coils for its main support framework.

Normally, we’re a little hesitant to recommend all-foam beds to people with higher body weight, but obviously that’s irrelevant for this comparison.


The four beds discussed in this review are some of the most affordable mattresses you’ll find on the internet.

To put things in context, the average price for an online mattress these days hovers right around $1,000 for a Queen size. All four beds included in this comparison are either cheaper or at the bare minimum match the average price.

The flagship Allswell Hybrid has a MSRP of about $375 for a Queen size. This very well might be the best “cheap” hybrid mattress on the market.

The Allswell Luxe is priced a little higher. However, it’s still extremely affordable in the grand scheme of things. You’re looking at about $645 for a Queen size.

Even the Allswell Supreme sports a relatively inexpensive price tag ($985 for a Queen size). In all honesty, it’s wild that the Supreme is priced that low. It doesn’t even belong in the same class as an “average” online mattress given its premium construction.

All in all, Allswell beds are some of the best-value mattresses on the market. Plus, we didn’t even mention that Allswell likes to offer discounts from time to time. You might want to check the company’s website to see if there’s a sale running.

To be fair, DreamCloud is a pretty darn good value as well. Although the MSRP is a little higher, the company normally offers a discount that drops a Queen size DreamCloud mattress below the $1,000 mark. The DreamCloud Premier regular price is $1,399.

Prices valid as of September 21, 2020.

If you’re having trouble deciding, the decision between Allswell and DreamCloud can be simplified to just a few main factors.

Your budget

If you’re short on money, the base Allswell Hybrid is your best bet. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better mattress for less than $375.

Feel preference

There’s really not a clear answer here. It purely depends on what you personally like and prefer. If you want more of standard or moderate foam feel, go with either the Allswell Hybrid or Allswell Luxe.

However, if you like the feel of memory foam, we’d recommend either DreamCloud, DreamCloud Premier, or the Allswell Supreme.

Shop Allswell mattresses online.
Shop DreamCloud mattresses online.

Firmness preference

If you prefer slightly firmer mattresses, you should narrow down your choices to the Allswell Supreme and Allswell Hybrid.

If you tend to favor slightly softer beds, we’d urge you to focus on DreamCloud, DreamCloud Premier, and the Allswell Luxe.

The Mattress Finder team is composed of certified professionals who are passionate about helping consumers improve their sleep. We thoroughly test each mattress we review through a series of practical, hands-on inspections and assessments. We write every review expecting that our closest friends and family members rely on us for their mattress and sleep product decisions, so honesty and authenticity are core principles of our inspection process.