Sneezing, runny nose, congestion, fatigue, and itchy, watery eyes are allergy symptoms that can make a person feel anything but sexy.

People may not consider how allergies can impact sexuality. One study reported that many people said their allergy symptoms negatively affect their sex lives.

There are a few main factors caused by allergies that may impact a person’s sex life.

Allergy-Related Fatigue

Sometimes allergy symptoms such as congestion cause a lack of sleep, as do some allergy medications. Not getting enough sleep also affects the nervous system, which controls the ability to become sexually aroused.

Whatever the cause, sleep deprivation may simply make you too tired for sex.

Decreased Sense of Smell

One of the things that make people feel attracted to their partners and put them in the mood for sex is pheromones. These are the chemical substances given off by the body that make people attract potential sexual partners.

Stuffy noses that limit the sense of smell will prevent someone from picking up on other people’s pheromones. This in turn can affect their sex life.

Other Symptoms

Having itchy, watery eyes or having to stop sexual activity frequently to tend to a runny nose may make someone self-conscious enough to avoid sexual activity.

Allergy-related symptoms may lower sex drive and prevent you from getting in the mood. However, the good news is that there are steps you can take to help you get your allergies under control and back on the road to a happy and fulfilling sex life.

There may be a bit of work and creativity required, but you may also find that in the end it’s all worth the effort.

First, as with any medical condition, a consultation with your doctor is necessary. It’s OK to report any changes in sexual activity that come with allergies. Informing your doctor can give you the opportunity to explore possible treatments.

There are several different treatment options to help control allergy symptoms.

Have an Allergy Test

See an allergist. Once the culprit is identified, it may be much easier to create a plan of action.

Nondrowsy Medications

Nondrowsy medications are available by prescription and over the counter. These formulations can help to prevent allergy-related fatigue.

Limit Exposure to Allergens

Common allergens include:

  • dust mites
  • pollen
  • mold
  • pet dander

Avoiding these allergens can help you manage your symptoms.

Monitor Pollen Counts

By monitoring pollen counts, you’ll be aware of when to shut windows and turn off the air conditioner. These actions may help reduce symptoms when counts are high.

Keep Pets Out of the Bedroom

Many pet owners are allergic to pet dander yet allow pets to sleep in their beds. If you have a pet, try to keep them off the bed or out of the bedroom completely.

Keep the Bed Clean

Wash bedding regularly in hot water to keep the bedroom an allergen-free environment and to promote a sex life free of dust mites. Also, try to replace pillows regularly.

Keep Pollen off Yourself

When you get home, leave your clothes at the door so pollen isn’t tracked through the house. Maybe get creative and find a way to make this sexy. You might consider stripping and then hitting the shower with your partner.

Plan Ahead

Take allergy medicine about 30-40 minutes before you are going to have sex to make sure it starts working ahead of time.

Most importantly, stay educated and communicate with sexual partners. Many people do not even realize their allergies are causing their sex life to wane. Understanding your allergy symptoms can make it easier for you to combat any issues.