One of the hardest parts about going gluten-free is swearing off all of your favorite foods. Give your friend or family member the good times back with these delectable, slightly cheeky comfort foods and can’t-live-without-them substitutes.

Mac attack: Annie’s gluten-free macaroni and cheese

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Nineties babies will love this blast from the past. Get all of the gooey goodness of boxed mac ‘n’ cheese without any of the additives or weird food coloring with Annie’s. Opt for the rice pasta and cheddar for the classic orange comfort meal, or change it up with the equally delicious white cheddar shells. The pasta holds its shape and texture so well, you won’t be able to tell it’s made with rice.

Cost: $25.64 for a pack of 12 on

Tasty tenders: Ian’s gluten-free chicken tenders

It’s hard to get more allergy-friendly than these quick bites. Each chicken tender is made from humanely raised whole chicken breasts without eggs, milk, nuts, soy, wheat, or gluten. They put any fast-food craving to shame and bring a little bit of your recipient’s youth back to the plate. Since they come frozen, we’d suggest eating these piping hot, straight out of the oven. Don’t forget the dipping sauce.

Cost: Varies depending on your retailer. Find out where to buy them here.

Chocolate heaven: Dancing Deer’s gift box of gluten-free chocolate bliss  

You don’t have to slave away in the kitchen with mysterious flours and gums to create melt-in-your-mouth Christmas confections. Dancing Deer will do all the work for you, down to the artfully packed gift box. Each box comes with enough gluten-free brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and double chocolate crisp cookie bites to share.

Cost: $34.99 on

Cupcake delivery: Harry and David’s gluten-free cupcake delivery 

Finding a moist, light, gluten-free cupcake can feel like a nearly impossible quest. So save your friend from eating another sad, dry cupcake with these satisfying treats. A total of eight cupcakes — four vanilla and four chocolate — are lovingly topped with a sweet buttercream frosting. Even better, they’ll arrive safe and sound within two days of ordering.

Cost: $34.99 for 8 on

Zoodles, baby: The Inspiralizer Pro

Break out of boring, soupy, squishy gluten-free pasta with this easy-to-use spiralizer. This simple tool transforms vegetables like zucchini, sweet potatoes, and carrots into al dente noodles. The voodles can be used in all of the family favorites, or to break out of a food rut. From salads and pasta to side veggies with a twist, your loved one will be making just about everything with the spiralizer before long.

Cost: $34.95 on

Peace of mind (and a happy belly): Nima gluten sensor

Take the guesswork and worry out of eating out! The Nima sensor tests food in minutes to discover if it really is gluten-free. It’s small enough to slip into a bag and inconspicuous enough to pull out at a restaurant without drawing attention. Simply put a little bit of food or drink into the test capsule and find out in three minutes or less if it’s safe to dig in.

Cost: $279 on

Serious dough: Immaculate’s gluten-free chocolate chunk cookie dough

Immaculate’s chocolate chunk cookie dough can handedly pass for homemade cookies. Made without dairy, artificial flavors, or preservatives, these gluten-free cookies are unbelievable straight out of the oven and just as good days later. PS. One package isn’t enough if you’re hoping to get a taste.

Cost: Varies depending on your retailer. Find out where to buy them here.

Pizookie: BJ’s gluten-free pizookie

Get a bite in (and treat your friend to dinner) at BJ’s. Split their gluten-free chocolate chip pizookie (and maybe a gluten-free pizza)! You could, of course, get a gift card and share the good news about the post-dinner treat, but where’s the fun in that? Good news for those worried about cross contamination, too: BJ’s uses dedicated gluten-free equipment, like a separate fryer, for gluten-free orders.

Cost: $7.25 at your local BJ’s

The new bread: Arepas

Let’s be real: Gluten-free bread isn’t for everyone. Luckily, there’s a new bread in town. These little flatbreads, made from ground corn, go with just about everything. Traditionally used in Colombian and Venezuelan cuisine, they pair perfectly with cheese, avocado, eggs, chorizo, or your favorite sandwich fixings. Sure, you can be all fancy and use a fork and knife, but they taste better when you eat them with your hands.

Cost: $10 at select farmers markets in California and Nevada, but they may also be shipped across the country or found at your local farmer’s markets.

Didn’t find that perfect little something? Why not gift a book on grain-free cooking and living?