1. I have absolutely no idea what’s in this cookie.

2. I’m pretty sure your kid just ate my Thai food leftovers.

3. It’s not like they’re going to die or anything, right?

4. I really wish all airplanes gave out free peanuts still. What’s the deal?

5. I never read past the fourth ingredient.

6. Is anaphylactic shock similar to when you’re walking on carpet and touch a metal doorknob?

7. There’s going to be so much food at this potluck. The kids are going to love it!

8. My kid goes bananas for Las Vegas buffets. What about yours?

9. Like, since when can bread hurt someone? It’s bread!

10. I wouldn’t worry so much. At some point they’ll grow out of it.

11. I don’t tell my children what they can and cannot eat.

12. I left a box of assorted cupcakes in the kitchen an hour ago. I’m sure they’re all gone by now.

13. They can’t even take one bite?

14. But giving them a bite will build tolerance!

15. Remember when milk only came from a cow. Those were the days!

16. I feel sorry for your kid.

17. She’s probably just a picky eater.

18. Taking away a kid’s Halloween candy is messed up!

19. It just says, “processed” in a plant containing peanuts. It doesn’t actually HAVE peanuts in it.

20. I read that doing [insert any unsubstantiated claim] while pregnant can make your kid allergic.

21. So what exactly can they eat?

22. Having your kid over for dinner is a real pain in the butt.

23. If they’ve never eaten [insert allergen], how do you even know they’re allergic?!

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