If your child has food allergies, you may be overwhelmed trying to find helpful resources. The following websites can assist you in navigating your child’s food allergy journey. Resources are applicable for any food allergy unless stated otherwise.

Recipes, Online Support, and More

Dining Out

  • Allergy Eats serves as a guide to allergy-friendly restaurants throughout the United States.
  • Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) offers the SafeFARE website. This site helps you find local “food allergy aware” restaurants. The website also offers tips for dining out safely.
  • FARE Walk for Food Allergy is a great way for kids to meet other kids dealing with food allergies. This also offers kids the chance to be proactive in their food allergy journey.
  • FARE also helps you find a local support group. If none are available, FARE provides tips and resources to help you start one.
  • FARE offers resources for developing a school 504 plan or other management plan. Education & Advocacy Solutions also provides a helpful Section 504 primer.
  • According to FARE, food allergy bullying is a growing problem. The Food Allergy Bullying Campaign helps educate parents and kids about the seriousness of the issue. It also offers coping tips.
  • The FARE Be a Pal: Protect a Life from Food Allergies Education Program helps educate kids who don’t have food allergies on how to be a friend to those who do. The Web page provides resources such as posters, presentations, handouts, bookmarks, and educational sheets for parents.
  • The Teal Pumpkin Project helps kids with food allergies have a safe, allergy-free Halloween.

Recipe Blogs

  • Petite Allergy Treats provides recipes free of gluten, eggs, nuts, soy, seafood, sesame, and “mostly dairy.” Savory, sweet, breakfast, and dessert recipes are featured.
  • Cybele Pascal offers a huge variety of recipes on her website. These are free from dairy, eggs, wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish.
  • Allergic Living magazine has allergen-free recipes on its website. You can search for recipes by allergen, keyword, food type, course, or season.
  • Eating with Food Allergies offers food allergy cooking substitution recommendations, as well as recipes free from common allergens.
  • Hope’s Kitchen is a beautifully illustrated blog that features gluten-free, egg-free, and nut-free recipes.
  • PeanutAllergy.com provides recipes for kids allergic to peanuts. Categories include snacks, desserts, meals, appetizers, and drinks.

Resources for Parents

  • One Spot Allergy is a one-stop shop for food allergy resources. These range from legal information and medical issues to the latest food allergy news. It also has tips for parenting children with allergies.
  • The Allergen-Free Baker shares tips for learning to live free of allergies.
  • Allergy Free Table provides resources for parents, caregivers, and teachers. It also offers nutrition and wellness tips, holiday eating tips, online courses, and interactive quizzes.
  • If you enter the search term “food allergies” on the KidsHealth from Nemours website, you’ll find a selection of helpful articles for parents. Topics include how to cope with food allergies, how to read food labels, allergy testing, and a food allergy checklist.
  • A medic alert bracelet not only informs people your child comes in contact with that they have a food allergy, but also helps provide peace of mind. The Medic Alert Foundation provides all you need to know to purchase a bracelet.

Where to Find Support

  • This Food Allergy Field Guide provides educational materials and support options for families of people who are newly diagnosed with food allergies.

Resources for School

  • The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has guidelines for managing food allergies at school.
  • Name Bubbles sells waterproof food allergy labels for kids to use at school. The label alerts educators and caregivers about a child’s food allergy and provides emergency instructions.
  • The Managing Food Allergies at School website offers a variety of resources such as an emergency care plan, teacher checklists, field trip tips, and disability information for parents and educators.
  • KFA offers this resource for keeping students with food allergies safe at school. It includes a printable planning guide, free handouts, webinar videos, and information on voluntary school guidelines and laws.
  • Food Allergies Rock! is an educational music program created by Kyle Dine. Dine takes the program to schools to raise food allergy awareness.
  • This KidsHealth article offers tips for dealing with food allergies at school. It also provides talking points to educate teachers and administrators about food allergies and emergency action plans.

Talking to Children About Food Allergies

  • My Food Allergy is a personalized book meant to help you talk to your kids about food allergies. A portion of all proceeds is given to FARE to support food allergy research and education efforts.
  • This article provides tips for talking to children of all ages about how to manage food allergies. Topics covered include what food allergies are and how to prevent a food-related allergic reaction.
  • KidsHealth provides articles for kids and teens about food allergies and how to manage them.