Allergies cover a very broad range of triggers and symptoms, from food allergies and environmental allergies to hives and life-threatening anaphylaxis.

Understanding allergies is the first step in learning how to manage them. And the best way to begin understanding allergies is with accurate medical information and the insight and perspective of people with firsthand experience.

That’s what you’ll find in this year’s selection of best allergy blogs. They stand out for their commitment to educating, inspiring, and empowering those who need it most.

It’s an Itchy Little World

Parenting a child with allergies isn’t easy, but you’ll find plenty of camaraderie on Jennifer’s blog. As the mother of two kids with allergies, she’s a great resource not only for allergies, but also for asthma and eczema, too. Browse posts from Jennifer and guest bloggers about these conditions, management tips, and treatment advice.


Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) is committed to improving both the health and quality of life for people living with food allergies. On the blog, browse current research, studies, treatment options, and statistics as well as recipes and guest posts written by people living with food allergies.

Kids With Food Allergies

Parents of children with food allergies will find a great collection of current information here. Read about food allergy news and research, recalls and alerts, advocacy efforts, and updates from the staff and medical advisory team. Also, browse personal stories written by parents about their experiences.


Parents Robert and Nicole Smith have a son, now in college, who was diagnosed at 9 months old with life-threatening allergies to peanuts (and later tree nuts, sesame, fish, and shellfish). Their daughter has celiac disease and a mast cell mediated disorder. This blog is where they share their experiences in the hopes of helping other parents keep their children with allergies safe, healthy, and living as close to a “normal” life as possible. Topics range from navigating college and school to legislation, books and magazines, and essential gear.


SnackSafely offers clear, actionable information designed to help improve the lives of those living with food allergies. Posts include current news, reports and research, clinical studies, advocacy, and useful advice related to food safety and school policies. Their downloadable Safe Snack Guide provides detailed processing information for over 2000 products from 120+ manufacturers including shared line and facility information for 11 of the most common allergens.

What Allergy?

Ruth Holroyd started this blog while researching her own allergies, which include allergies to dairy, nuts, wheat, latex, nickel, dust, pollen and animal dander. As the main contributor to What Allergy, Ruth’s blog posts include information about various allergies, restaurant reviews, and recipe tips. This blog aims to make food and substance allergies a little less challenging.

Food & Lego

This blog celebrates the unlikely combination of food and Legos (yes, the building blocks!) written by The Allergy Chef, who runs a household of six, as well as her own custom bakery business. She says she is out to change the world, “one bite at a time.” The blogger is a woman who has lived with chemical and food allergies all her life, so severe that she always wears an industrial mask to go outside — even before the COVID-19 pandemic! She has also dealt with weight issues, at one point reaching 450 pounds. So you’ll find lots of allergy-friendly recipes on her site, as well as picture-studded posts about her Lego builds. Some examples? Try making the Vegan Macaroons or reading about “A Trip to the Lego Store.”

Allergy Girl Eats

Kortney’s first experience with anaphylaxis was at the tender age of 3 months after trying peanut butter for the first time. While her list of food allergies is extensive, it hasn’t stopped her from eating great food and sharing tips, tricks, and recipes for people living with allergies. On this blog, you’ll find recipes along with tips for traveling with allergies, and personal stories from guest bloggers.

Friendly Pantry

Corinna never had to think about food allergies until she had her first daughter, who has a severe allergy to milk and eggs. She’s now a certified AllerCoach who uses this blog to help other parents find practical solutions to everyday challenges that come up with kids who have food allergies. Here you’ll find meal planning tips, tips for school and social gatherings, and other advice for parents of kids with severe food allergies.

Everyday Allergen-Free

Amanda Orlando is a leader in the food allergy community. On this blog, she writes largely about the allergy experience for teens and young adults. In addition to providing recipes and diet tips for people with severe food allergies, she writes about how to deal with the anxiety and emotional toll a severe food allergy can take. Readers will also find tips for traveling and personal stories from guest bloggers.

My Allergy Kitchen

Nearly every member of Zoe’s family is living with some kind of food allergy or intolerance. As a way of sharing the knowledge she’s gathered over the years, Zoe started My Allergy Kitchen to help other families like hers. Readers will find information about the signs and symptoms of food allergies, allergy-friendly foods and recipes, along with advice for dealing with the emotional side of severe allergies. Her book “The Busy Parent’s Guide to Food Allergies” includes tips for parents navigating the challenges of raising a child with food allergies.

Nope Can’t Eat That Either

Kendra Chanae Chapman chronicles her journey as a young African-American women navigating life with food allergies. She writes about home meal preparation, dining out, and traveling the world. She also includes content about current topics of interest to those with allergies, like “Living With Food Allergies Through the COVID-19 Pandemic.” She is originally from Chicago and now lives in Los Angeles. She features allergy-safe recipes and allergen-free products. She also reviews allergy-accommodating restaurants that she visits in the Los Angeles area.

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