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Wavelengths of different colors can affect your body and mind in various ways. While some colors are energizing, green light may have a calming effect for some people that may help induce sleep or increase relaxation.

The Allay Lamp is a lamp that emits green light, which may beneficial for people who have anxiety, migraine, or light sensitivity since it is less stimulating than other light wavelengths.

Allay is a company focused on products for migraine or light sensitivity, called photophobia. Allay makes a lamp and a desk light that may help calm and alleviate light sensitivity and migraine symptoms. It may also help people fall asleep more easily and sleep more soundly.

Allay was founded in 2019 by entrepreneurs and migraine researchers, including Harvard Medical School professor and neuroscientist Rami Burstein, who is an expert in the field of migraine and headache pain.

Burstein’s research helps doctors learn about, alleviate, and treat migraine. Burstein also wants to develop new treatments for pain and migraine. Allay donates proceeds to the Harvard research department.

One of Burstein’s goals is to help people alleviate discomfort and improve function using an effective, affordable product. Burstein isolated a natural band of light after he discovered that it doesn’t bother people who have migraine or are sensitive to light. The Allay Lamp emits this specific band of green light.

The research on green light therapy for migraine pain, other pain, and sleep is limited.

A 2019 study looked at the effects of darkness, red, green, and blue light exposure on people who were blindfolded. The study measured skin sensations to learn how they influence light perception. The results suggest that sensing green light through the skin encourages calmness and relaxation. Red and blue light may increase alertness and cortical arousal.

A small 2021 study exposed people with episodic or chronic migraine to 1 to 2 hours of white light daily for 10 weeks. Two weeks later, the group was exposed to 1 to 2 hours of green light daily for 10 weeks.

The researchers found that green light was corresponded with fewer headache days and reduced headache duration and intensity compared to the therapy using white light. Participants with green light exposure rated improvements to quality of life indicators, such as work performance and sleep patterns.

The Allay Lamp costs $149 on the Allay website and includes free shipping. While Allay says that the LED light will last at least 10 years, the company doesn’t provide a warranty for the lamp. Though the Allay Lamp is designed to treat migraine, it isn’t a medical device, which requires FDA approval.

After your purchase, you have 40 days to initiate a return. Notify Allay if for any reason you wish to return your lamp. The company will provide you with a shipping label so you can return the product, after which Allay will refund your money.

Compared with similar products, the Allay Lamp is slightly more expensive than most. Though, several products cost just as much or more.

According to the majority of online customer reviews, the Allay Lamp is effective in reducing symptoms of migraine or light sensitivity. Many people also report that the light helps create a soothing atmosphere that reduces anxiety and is conducive to relaxation and sleep.

While several reviewers say the price of the Allay Lamp is too expensive, many customers feel the relief the lamp provides is worth every penny. Others point out that if the lamp is effective for you, you may end up saving money by reducing acupuncture, massage, or chiropractic costs.

Use the Allay Lamp in a dark room that’s free of other light sources. The lamp comes with a shade that covers half of the lamp if you don’t want to expose yourself to direct light.

Allay recommends that you use the lamp for at least 30 minutes per day, typically before bed, and up to 2 hours daily.

In addition to using the Allay Lamp and any additional migraine treatments consistently, develop positive sleep hygiene habits to improve your sleep and increase relaxation.

The best place to buy the Allay Lamp is on the Allay website. This ensures that you’re buying an authentic product. The Allay Lamp is also available at Walmart.

Both options offer a 40-day return policy. You also have the option to return the lamp to Walmart.

Allay doesn’t have a Trustpilot or Better Business Bureau rating. Online customer reviews of the Allay Lamp are overwhelmingly positive, and many people report that the lamp helps reduce their migraine symptoms. Several customers report satisfaction related to shipping and customer service responsiveness.

Negative reviews complain that the quality of the lamp doesn’t reflect its price. A few people remark that even the dimmest setting is too bright for them. They say that placing the lamp across the room isn’t a useful solution, as it requires them to get out of bed to turn it off when it’s time to sleep.

One reviewer points out that a timer and smart features would be welcome additions, especially since people say the power button is difficult to locate in the dark or during a migraine episode.

There are several products similar to the Allay Lamp on the market. Here are two options to consider.

Hooga Green Light Therapy Migraine Relief Lamp

Price: $69

This green light therapy lamp delivers green light that may alleviate light sensitivity and migraine symptoms such as pain or tension. The calming green light may help you relax, fall asleep, and sleep deeply. The lamp also has a yellow light mode and uses a USB-C power adapter.

Hooga also offers a variety of green light therapy products, such as mood glasses, light bulbs, and a handheld device.

Sunlight Inside Migraine Lamp

Cost: $289–$389

The Sunlight Inside Migraine Lamp emits a specific range of narrow-band green light using a specialized LED bulb. With 100 intensity options, the light is available as a table lamp or a desk light.

Some flexible spending accounts (FSAs), health savings accounts (HSAs), and insurance plans may cover the Allay Lamp, which is classified as a neurostimulation device. If you have insurance, talk with your provider to see what your coverage includes.

In addition, check out resources such as the CHAMP community, which helps people overcome insurance barriers to migraine treatment.

How long does it take the Allay Lamp to work?

Results will vary among individuals, but some people find that a green light offers immediate relief to symptoms such as photophobia, pain, and anxiety. Others find that the green light is most effective when used regularly.

Is there a limit to how long I can use the Allay Lamp each day?

You can use the Allay Lamp as much as you like. Many people enjoy the mood or vibe that the green light creates and turn it on as often as possible. You may opt to have the lamp nearby while you use your computer.

The Allay Lamp is a promising green light therapy treatment that may help reduce the pain, intensity, and frequency of migraine and photophobia symptoms. The lamp may also help promote relaxation and induce sleep, which can alleviate migraine symptoms.

Light can affect your mood, sleep, and energy levels, so it’s important to pay attention to how it influences you. Compared with other colors, green light produces smaller electrical signals in your eyes and brain, which may have a more calming effect on your mind and body. Yellow, blue, and red light create larger electrical signals in your brain.