Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is a neurodevelopmental disorder that can make things like concentration, organization, and impulse control difficult to manage.

It’s not always easy to diagnose ADHD, and there are many misconceptions about the condition. But there are people who are actively working to change perceptions about ADHD.

We chose the year’s best ADHD videos based on their commitment to educating, inspiring, and empowering viewers about this condition.

In this 15-minute video, YouTuber Eli Murphy uses a mixture of animations and his own personal narratives.

He shows just how ADHD and judgment of ADHD by those around him have affected his life — for better or for worse — and why he thinks ADHD isn’t all that different from what’s considered “normal.”

This episode from the popular series “SciShow Psych” helps break down the misconception that “only boys get ADHD.”

It also discusses how it can be dangerous both physically and mentally to neglect the lives and behaviors of women and girls with ADHD because of the societal expectations that each of these genders are expected to live up to.

This masterfully edited, intentionally low-budget 6-minute video from YouTuber Stacey Michelle takes a quick, comical approach to the challenges of being Black and having ADHD. It focuses on the positive intersections of identity while also being real about the obstacles that you might face.

This 25-minute video from popular ADHD channel How to ADHD helps highlight the different intersectional lived experiences of people with ADHD and how being black can have a major impact on how others — and how even you — perceive your ADHD struggles as well as your relationships with others within and outside of your family. Check them out on Facebook.

This 6-minute educational video from prominent psychiatrist Tracey Marks uses the science of schemas to help you understand how you see yourself as someone with ADHD so that you can make connections between your behaviors and your actual internal experiences with ADHD. Check her out on Instagram.

This 30-minute video from The Aspie World helps give you a practical guide to how you can structure your day and live your life the way you envision it in case you’re feeling disorganized and overwhelmed by the way that your mind works with autism or ADHD. Check out more on Instagram.

This 10-minute video doesn’t pull any punches. “Being a Black Woman with ADHD” gets real about how the lived experience with ADHD can be drastically different — and often misunderstood — for black women than what’s typically diagnosed for people of other races and genders.

This 6-minute video from How to ADHD covers how you can cope with boredom as you deal with the common symptoms of ADHD around the lack of ability to focus and how to channel your energy when and where you want it. Check out more on Facebook.

This video gives you 10 “life hacks” in less than 6 minutes to make your life a little bit easier in case you forget or lose focus on something important like your car keys or your phone. Check out more on Instagram.

Working from home can be incredibly challenging (but nowadays, absolutely necessary in some cases) if you have ADHD. But How to ADHD gives you some tips to make sure you stay focused and productive if you don’t have the usual structures around you to motivate you at work. Learn more on their Facebook page.

ASMR can be helpful for many things, and ADHD is one of them. This 22-minute fast-whisper video from Liv Unbound can help you relax and regain your focus if you’re having difficulty, whether you have ADHD, have an overactive mind, or have a lot on your to-do list. Check out more on Instagram.

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