Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is a neurodevelopmental disorder that can make things like concentration, organization, and impulse control difficult to manage. It’s not always easy to diagnose ADHD, and there are many misconceptions about the condition. But there are people who are actively working to change perceptions about ADHD.

We chose the year’s best ADHD videos based on their commitment to educating, inspiring, and empowering viewers about this condition.

What It’s Like Living with ADHD

In just under nine minutes, Jarl Andersen shares what it’s like to have ADHD. The 21-year-old speaks from personal experience, and discusses warning signs of the condition in an effort to help anyone who may be debating getting tested.

Living with ADHD: Symptoms That Nobody Talks About

ADHD can present itself with many different symptoms, and Ally Hardesty is sharing some of those that are rarely discussed. Her goal is helping people develop a better understanding of what people with ADHD may be experiencing.

ADHD as an Adult: How is It Different?

ADHD is often diagnosed in children, but it also affects millions of adults. Kati Morton, a licensed marriage and family therapist, discusses the different ways ADHD can present in adults and offers basic tools that can be helpful.

ADHD – Not Just for Kids (Adult ADHD Documentary)

Only Human presents this insightful look at the challenges adults with this condition face. The documentary follows the personal journeys of adults who were diagnosed with ADHD later in life, challenges some of the more persistent myths about the condition, and shares some of the most recent research.

How to (Explain) ADHD

This is a short, informative explanation of ADHD, beginning with the basic definition. The video by How To ADHD shares some of the most common challenges and offers useful metaphors in an animated format to better illustrate life with this condition.

Living with ADHD

Mack is an 8th grader living with ADHD. In this animated short, she explains the challenges she experiences, including side effects and medications. She also shares how ADHD has helped shape who she is, despite the burdens that can come with it.

An Entire Family with ADHD (Four People in One Home)

This 11-minute video introduces three brothers and their mother, all of whom have been diagnosed with ADHD. They share how the condition affects them each individually and as a family.

Am I Lazy, Stupid, Messy, Flaky? ADHD

One of the hardest parts of living with ADHD may be the associated stigma. People with this condition may be labeled as lazy, messy, or flaky, and they may even describe themselves with these terms. This seven-minute video discusses these sorts of labels and offers strategies for coping.

Women with ADHD: Myths & Facts

Because of the way their symptoms present, women and girls can be more challenging to diagnose with ADHD. This video from Only Human discusses myths and facts about ADHD for females.

How to Survive High School with ADHD (What Nobody Tells You)

Ally Hardesty is back with her personal tips for managing high school while living with ADHD. These are the things she wishes she had learned before high school.

I have ADHD, What is Your Superpower?

This TEDx Talk features Nikki Amini, a PharmD candidate who was diagnosed with ADHD when she moved to the United States from Iran. She shares how the condition has affected her understanding of who she is, and how she learned to embrace her differences.

Making ADHD Your Superpower | George Cicci

George Cicci uses his TEDx Talk to share how his late-in-life ADHD diagnosis served as both an answer to his questions about his own behavior and challenges, and also as a chance to hit a “restart” button on his life. He argues that people with ADHD should use their superpower as an advantageous characteristic at work and in life.

The Unofficial ADHD Quiz for Adults

This unofficial ADHD quiz for adults is designed to be educational and fun. It’s not a proper medical diagnosis, but it’s an interesting way to learn more about common ADHD symptoms.

10 Things Only People with Attention Problems Understand

This two-minute video is a humorous portrayal of the symptoms and challenges people with ADHD often face. Watch and relate!

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