The Best ADHD Blogs

Many people mistake attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as a mental health disorder that only affects children. Not true. The condition actually affects many adults, too.

These blogs are great starting points whether you’re raising or supporting a child or teenager with ADHD, or you’re an adult who has ADHD. They’re packed full of information, personal stories, life hacks, and actionable tips for ADHD.

Totally ADD

Rick Green founded Totally ADD to tackle the shame and stigma of living with ADHD by sharing personal stories of people living with it. Totally ADD tackles common myths about ADHD, how ADHD affects relationships, and procrastination.

ADD Consults

Women with ADHD often face barriers, especially if they have kids with ADHD. Terry Matlen knows this firsthand. That’s why she started the ADD Consults blog. She has ADHD and she’s also the mom to an adult with it. Terry wrote a book and founded the online space “Queen of Distractions,” to offer group coaching to help women with ADHD get organized, declutter, and connect. On the blog, she covers reframing ADHD in positive ways, educational resources, and invites readers to ask her anything about ADHD.

Untapped Brilliance

Author and ADHD coach Jacqueline Sinfield writes about how adults can manage their ADHD in everyday life, from making sense of a new diagnosis to tips and tricks to use when tasks feel overwhelming. Her blog posts cover topics like the links between ADHD and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), overthinking, and using a Kindle with ADHD.

Edge Foundation

The Edge Foundation knows that many talented students have trouble reaching their full potential. That’s why they offer coaching programs, including private coaching, in-school coaching, and webinars. Their technique is designed to help students with ADHD or those who may have had difficult childhood experiences that make it hard to focus in the classroom. The blog talks about issues like ADHD and creativity, emotional withdrawal, and signs of ADHD in girls.


ADDitude is a “no judgment zone” full of real-life essays, diary entries, and snapshots of daily life. The stories are written by adults who live with ADHD, or are parents of children with ADHD. The site offers everything from symptom tests and professional resources to a quarterly print magazine. The blog covers issues like impulsivity, motivating kids with ADHD, and anti-bullying resources.


Having a kid with ADHD can be a challenge for any parent. ImpactADHD aims to help parents find the support they need to navigate the world of ADHD. Whether you’re looking for tips on overcoming challenges in school or guidance on how to maintain healthy relationships, ImpactADHD has you covered.

René Brooks was diagnosed with ADHD three times throughout her life. She was finally able to get the treatment she needed after the third diagnosis at age 25. As the founder of Black Girl, Lost Keys, René hopes to empower other Black women, with tips and motivation for living well with ADHD.

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