Limes deserve to be in the limelight. They originated in Southeast Asia, and their potential uses go far beyond fish tacos and cocktail garnishes. You might be surprised by the many unique ways that limes can be used to benefit your health.

As natural health approaches become more and more popular in today’s culture, limes will likely play an increasing role in the treatment that doctors recommend. Scientists are researching ways to incorporate limes into medicines and herbal formulas.

Sickle cell anemia is a condition that causes the bone marrow to produce misshapen, sickle-shaped red blood cells. It can cause chronic fatigue as well as painful episodes, called crises, which can affect the chest, joints, or lower back.

Antioxidants keep your arteries healthy, and healthy arteries are essential for carrying blood from your heart to the organs of your body. A new study conducted on rabbits reveals some interesting results.

Lime peel and lime juice contain antioxidants that slow down the process of atherogenesis, the buildup of plaque on artery walls. Try getting more lime juice in your diet with this delicious grilled shrimp recipe.

The same study also found that the Kaffir lime, a bumpy-skinned lime grown in India and other regions of Southeast Asia, fights bacteria. One specific type of well-known bacteria this lime fights is E. coli, which causes food poisoning.

The antibacterial properties of the Kaffir lime extend to the skin, too. In a 2014 study, researchers found that essential oil from the Kaffir lime could stop acne-causing bacteria. The oil also reduced scarring from acne and assisted in healing blemishes. This natural remedy is an option worth trying if you want to improve your skin.

Lime’s bacteria-fighting abilities also enable the fruit to fight cholera, according to one study. Bacteria that cause cholera often travel in food. In West Africa, where cholera outbreaks have happened in recent history, researchers found that feeding affected people lime juice with rice killed the dangerous bacteria.

The peel left behind after a few good squeezes can be used to create a powerful pure oil. This oil can be used in a number of ways. Its popular uses are flavoring food and adding a fresh fragrance to a variety of products. Try this recipe for an amazing lime-filled twist on hummus.

Similar to other citrus fruits, lime offers a plethora of vitamins and minerals, including potassium. Potassium is important for maintaining nerve function and healthy blood pressure levels. The fruit is also linked to antioxidants and bioflavonoids that researchers believe could lower the likelihood of cancer.

There are many ways to put limes to use. As a member of the powerful citrus family, the list of benefits only continues to lengthen as researchers delve further into the science behind the fruit.

The simplest way to use lime is to add it to your cooking. Start with this sweet potato and black bean burger recipe.

The next time you’re at the grocery store, you may want to consider grabbing a few limes to add a final touch of flavor to your meal.