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We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Here’s our process.

Limited research and anecdotal evidence indicate that body pillows may provide emotional comfort and reduce body aches. This can mean consistently better sleep — and the health benefits that go along with it.

Many pregnant people use body pillows because they provide support for the legs, hips, and belly. Many users report reduced aches and pains, plus more overall comfort, while sleeping with a body pillow.

And although body pillows are often heavily marketed to pregnant people, you don’t have to be pregnant to benefit from using one. Read on for our top picks.

To choose the pillows on this list, we read scores of customer reviews on multiple shopping sites.

We chose only pillows that come from well-known manufacturers and are made from safe, nontoxic materials. We took customer service history, ease of returns, and product guarantees into account.

We also selected pillows with removable covers. This makes them easier to clean than others on the market.

Body pillows range in price and often go on sale throughout the year. Some are considerably more expensive than others, but certain budget pillows provide comparable comfort to more expensive models.

The cost of a body pillow is often determined by the type of fill used and the covering fabric. For this list, we indicated cost with the following guide:

  • $ = $35–$65
  • $$ = $66–$150
  • $$$ = $151–$300
  • $$$$ = over $300

Best adjustable-height pillow

Size20″ x 54″

Key details

  • Stomach sleepers may find this pillow comfortable and easy to position.
  • The fill is gel-infused foam that’s CertiPUR-US certified, with a shredded memory foam inner core.
  • The case is polyester and bamboo-derived viscose rayon.
  • You can adjust the amount of fill, which gives you control over firmness and height.


Some users have a hard time adjusting the amount of fill throughout the pillow to accommodate their comfort level. Others report feeling hot while sleeping with this pillow.

Shop for the Coop Home Goods Body Pillow online.

Read “Best Pillows for Stomach Sleepers” for more top picks.

Best C-shaped pillow

Available size30″ x 57″

Key details

  • This ergonomically designed, C-shaped pillow provides a cocoon-like environment for sleeping, with maximum back and stomach support.
  • The fill is made from 100 percent polyester and is a good choice for people who have allergies to other types of fill, such as down or latex.
  • The removable pillow cover is cotton and can be machine washed and dried.
  • Users rave about the softness and cushion of this pillow.


Some users complain that the pillow is hard to get back into the case after washing.

Due to the density of its fill, this pillow is heavier than some other body pillows. It weighs around 7 pounds.

Buy the PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow with Jersey Cover, C Shaped, online.

Best U-shaped pillow

Size33″ x 55″

Key details

  • The Leachco Back ‘n Belly pillow has an hourglass-shaped inner curve, which many users find snuggly and super comfortable.
  • It has more height than many other body pillows, and some people have said this helped reduce their acid reflux and heartburn.
  • It provides firm back support yet still has a softness to it.
  • Some back sleepers find this pillow comfortable and supportive, too.
  • It comes with either a zipper or sham cover. Both can be machine washed and dried.


This pillow comes in heavy, at 7 pounds. It’s also fairly wide and takes up a significant amount of space.

Some tall users who are over 5’8″ find this pillow too short in length.

Buy the Leachco Back ‘n Belly Chic Pillow online.

Best wool-blend pillow

Size17″ x 52″
20″ x 52″

Key details

  • This body pillow is made from certified organic wool and shredded latex. The combination provides pliability, combined with firm support.
  • You can control the pillow’s firmness by removing the amount of fill it contains.
  • The removable cover is made from unbleached organic cotton flannel. It’s soft to the touch and comfortable to sleep on.
  • Since this pillow is around the same width as a regular head pillow, it doesn’t take up much room and can be used comfortably when sleeping with a partner on a full- or queen-size bed.


This pillow is by far the most expensive one on our list.

For hygienic reasons, the manufacturer doesn’t accept returns.

The removable pillowcase must be hand-washed to avoid shrinkage.

Buy the Savvy Rest Wool-Latex Body Pillow online.

Best multi-position bolster

Size8″ x 54″

Key details

  • This bolster or cylinder-shaped pillow is separated into three sections. This design, thought up by a chiropractor, lets you adjust the pillow to accommodate injuries and painful areas of your body.
  • Users say this is an excellent pillow to use while recuperating from back, hip, or knee surgery.
  • Some users with fibromyalgia also find it beneficial.
  • It has a machine-washable cotton cover. The pillow is made from a cotton-polyester blend.
  • In addition to the cover, the pillow can be machine washed and dried, without getting lumpy


Each section of this body pillow requires its own cover, which makes the cost add up. Pillow covers are sold separately.

The pillow fill is a patented blend and the manufacturer is not transparent about the materials used.

Buy The Company Store’s Multi-Position Body Posture Pillow online.

Best cooling pillow

Size20″ x 54″
Heightapproximately 8″; variable

Key details

  • This pillow is ideal for hot sleepers. It has a patented, microvented cover made from blend of bamboo memory foam, polyester, and lycra.
  • It’s hypoallergenic, ecofriendly, and dust mite resistant.
  • The fill is foam that’s CertiPUR-US certified. This means it’s been tested for formaldehyde, phthalates, and other harmful toxins.
  • The pillow can be machine washed.


You must buy a pillowcase separately.

The pillow takes several hours to puff up to full size after opening the box.

Some users find that this pillow doesn’t provide enough head height.

Buy the Snuggle-Pedic Body Pillow online.

Here are 7 more great cooling pillows.

Best down alternative pillow


Key details

  • This rectangular body pillow is filled with polyester as a down alternative, with a cotton shell.
  • Users liked the softness or squishiness, and people who wanted a long body pillow enjoyed the length of this one.
  • Its softness and lack of bulk makes it easy to mold or fold into shape.


A 200–thread count protective cover for this pillow is sold separately. Some users dislike that white cotton is the only color and fabric available.

The pillow itself is not machine washable; spot cleaning only is recommended.

Shop for The Company Store Down-Free body pillow and matching protective cover online.

Best memory foam pillow

Sizes31″ x 55″
31″ x 60″
31″ x 65″
Price point$

Key details

  • This highly versatile pillow can be used as a body pillow for sleeping and as a bed chair.
  • Some users flip it upside down and elevate their feet (where their head is supposed to go), so they can sleep with their own pillow while getting the full benefit of a body pillow.
  • This pillow is filled with polyethylene memory foam for firm support and a shape that molds to your body. Users find that it provides comfortable support with lots of give.
  • The zip-off cover means easy washing and drying.


Polyethylene is a chemical compound that’s considered safe, but some users prefer organic or all-natural fills. If you’re one of them, this pillow might not be the best choice for you.

Some users report sleeping hot with this pillow. Other users mention that the stitching around the sides of the pillow is hard and can dig into the shoulder area.

Buy the Queen Rose Pregnancy Body Pillow online.

  • Where do you want to rest your head? Body pillows encourage side sleeping. If you’re a combination, back, or stomach sleeper, look for a body pillow that you can use from the neck down or one with removable fill so you can adjust its height.
  • What materials is it made with? Also make sure to check out the materials used. Some body pillows can include fill that contains unwanted chemicals. These can off-gas when first removed from their packaging, plus have a chemical smell that lasts a long time.
  • How firm or squishy do you want it to be? Just like any pillow, body pillows vary in density. Decide whether you want firm support or a more pliable pillow.
  • Does it have a removable cover? Never buy a body pillow that can’t be washed easily. One that comes with a removable cover or has covers available to fit it is best.
  • What are the pillow dimensions vs. bed space? Body pillows take up space. Make sure to gauge the width of the pillow and how much space it will take up, especially if you sleep with a partner.
  • Is the pillow’s weight important to you? Some body pillows can be very heavy and hard to lift or manage. Check out the pillow’s weight before you buy.

  • Body pillows can elevate your comfort level during sleep.
  • Pregnant women often use body pillows because they help cradle the stomach and hips.
  • While there isn’t a lot of data about body pillows, users often report reduced back, hip, and knee pain while using them.
  • Body pillows range in cost from inexpensive to very expensive.