707 Flora is a CBD skin care and wellness brand founded in a region known as the Emerald Triangle in Humboldt County, California (aka 707 area code — hence the name!). The company offers skin care that is vegan, not tested on animals, dermatologist-approved, and allergy-tested.

As Healthline’s resident CBD editor, I was excited to experience CBD skin care firsthand. Read on for more info on the brand and my hands-on review.


  • PETA-certified animal cruelty–free
  • vegan
  • dermatologist-approved
  • allergy-tested
  • non-GMOs
  • made in the United States
  • Forest Stewardship Council-certified recyclable packaging


  • expensive
  • only full-spectrum CBD products for skin care
  • not for people who want to avoid THC
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Testing and certificates of analysis (COAs)

707 Flora wants you to easily access safe and effective CBD products. That’s why 707 Flora third-party tests its CBD products with BelCosta Labs, which is an ISO 17025-accredited lab.

You can access the certificate of analysis (COA) in a couple simple ways: Either enter your product’s batch number online or scan the QR code and then enter the batch number.

Batch numbers for bottled or jarred products are on the bottom, while batch numbers for products with pumps or tubes are located on the top crimp.

Each COA for these featured products includes testing results for:

  • cannabinoid and terpene profiles
  • potency
  • contaminants, like foreign matter, pesticides, microbials, mycotoxins, solvents, and heavy metals

707 Flora products come allergy-tested and dermatologist-approved. They also hold a cruelty-free certification from PETA.

Hemp growth and processing

707 Flora says that all its CBD is grown in the United States and is GMO-free. 707 Flora uses a CO2 extraction method. It may be a safer and cleaner method than solvent-based extractions, which may leave behind chemical residue.

While 707 Flora products do not have USDA organic certification, they do follow organic farming practices.

707 Flora also says its products come from facilities that meet current good manufacturing practices (CGMPs), but it doesn’t name any facilities. CGMPs are Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations for how selected products are made, processed, and packaged.

Pricing guide

  • $ = under $30
  • $$ = $31–$50
  • $$$ = over $50
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707 Balm – Moisture Repair

  • Price: $
  • CBD type: full-spectrum
  • CBD potency: 25 milligrams (mg) CBD per 15-millilter (mL) tube
  • COA: available online with batch number or scan product QR code

707 Flora’s balm is intended for multiple uses: as a lip balm, for irritated skin, and for dry patches. It includes 25 mg CBD per tube.

I tested this balm in Philadelphia’s early 2022 wintertime. I used it as a lip balm and noticed having to reapply less the more I used it — the balm thoroughly moisturized my lips. I’ve returned to it throughout the year as needed.

I didn’t notice any physical sensations when using the balm. 707 Flora’s site claims that the full-spectrum CBD is present to recondition the skin.

Moisture Matrix – Leave-On Night Mask

  • Price: $$$
  • CBD type: full-spectrum
  • CBD Potency: 70 mg CBD per 50-mL container
  • COA: available online with batch number or scan product QR code

707 Flora’s leave-on overnight mask contains 70 mg CBD per container. Among the list of ingredients is prebiotics.

A 2022 review notes that topical prebiotics may reduce fine lines and boost hydration by improving the skin microbiome.

I tested this mask both overnight and in the morning because I liked the intense moisturization so much. The texture of the mask is light and not heavy like other nighttime masks I’ve used. There’s little to no scent. I have noticed an increase in the moisture of my skin; it seems to last 12-plus hours after using the mask.

Youth Boost Serum – Fortifying Concentrate

  • Price: $$$
  • CBD type: full-spectrum
  • CBD potency: 50 mg CBD per 30-mL bottle
  • COA: available online with batch number or scan product QR code

707 Flora’s Youth Boost Serum includes 50 mg CBD per bottle. The company says its multiple ingredients can increase moisture retention. It’s pricier than their other products.

I found this serum to be slightly runny, but it absorbed quickly into my skin. It’s very light and has a subtle scent that disappears rapidly.

Was my youth boosted by this serum? Hard to say, but I’d recommend the product if you’re looking for a quality CBD serum.

Revitalizing Eye Cream – Age Defying Complex

  • Price: $$
  • CBD type: full-spectrum
  • CBD potency: 25 mg CBD per 15-mL tube
  • COA: available online with batch number or scan product QR codes

707 Flora’s eye cream includes 25 mg CBD per tube. It contains a natural microalgae blend to help protect the skin against environmental aggressors, according to the brand.

I store 707 Flora’s eye cream in my fridge because I like to apply a cooling eye cream to my under-eye area in the morning to reduce puffiness. I noticed that the cream is not too thick nor too thin (both extremes are not ideal when it comes to eye cream, in my experience). This eye cream layers nicely beneath sunscreen or moisturizer.

707 Flora predominantly uses full-spectrum CBD extracts, which means that all of the plant’s compounds — like cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes — remain in the CBD oil.

Full-spectrum CBD may contribute to the entourage effect, which states that all of the cannabis plant’s compounds work better together to achieve a therapeutic effect when ingested.

707 Flora includes a list of banned ingredients not used in their products on their site, which I haven’t seen many companies do. Their products do not contain phthalates, which the National Institutes of Health considers as endocrine disruptors, or chemicals that can negatively affect development and reproduction, among other health concerns.

Again, all 707 Flora products are allergy-tested and dermatologist-approved.

Try to choose a CBD product that fits your needs. For example, the featured 707 Flora products use full-spectrum CBD, which may be the best option for people who want the full benefits of the entourage effect.

Broad-spectrum CBD products may appeal to people who want some of the benefits of the entourage without the THC. CBD isolate products may be best for people who just want the benefits of pure CBD.

You might also consider whether a given CBD product fits your diet and lifestyle. For example, 707 Flora products are vegan-friendly and animal cruelty–free.

707 Flora was founded in 2017 by Joan Sutton, who has more than 30 years of experience in the skin care industry, including 20 years of experience in product development. 707 Flora products debuted in 2019.

Notably, if you call the 707 Flora phone number, Joan will pick up the phone. Our researcher and writer, Nick Balboa, spoke with Joan over several conversations, and she was extremely helpful, kind, and responsive.

707 Flora does not have a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation. It also does not have a Trustpilot account. However, it has not received a warning letter from the FDA.

Overall, customers rate 707 Flora products highly on the company’s website.

The 707 Balm has a 5 out of 5-star rating from 15 customer reviews. One customer says, “The texture of this is pretty light considering it is a balm, but still as extremely nourishing as any other balm — actually better!”

However, most products have fewer than 25 reviews. Notably, not one of the featured 707 Flora products has a negative review on the website.

707 Flora offers a 30-day refund policy. The item must be at least half full and returned within 30 days of purchase along with a receipt for a refund or replacement.

Items purchased on sale are not eligible for return.

707 Flora does not exchange products.

Research shows that CBD is generally safe with relatively benign side effects. A 2017 study found that common side effects of CBD include:

  • changes in appetite
  • changes in weight
  • diarrhea
  • fatigue

CBD may interact with some medications, so talk with your doctor before you try any CBD products.

Can full-spectrum CBD get you high?

Full-spectrum CBD contains less than 0.3% THC. This should not be enough to induce intoxication.

However, taking a large dose of a full-spectrum CBD product — especially if you’re sensitive to THC — can lead to feelings of being high.

Is CBD effective for skin care?

There’s limited evidence of CBD’s effectiveness in promoting skin health. However, some research shows that CBD may have therapeutic potential as an “adjuvant anti-inflammatory treatment for acne.”

Is CBD for skin care safe for consumption?

“Most skin care products are not made for consumption,” says Joan Sutton, founder of 707 Flora. While the CBD itself may not be the issue, the ingredients in some skin care products may not be safe for consumption.

Instead, try a CBD oil or gummy if you want an ingestible CBD product.

707 Flora is a CBD skin care brand. Its products are vegan-friendly and have no GMOs. Above all, 707 Flora products are allergy-tested and dermatologist-approved.

CBD remains a popular remedy in health and wellness. While CBD is becoming more popular in skin care products, more research is needed before any definite conclusions can be made.