Most people cite work as their main source of stress. And many times office politics, bad bosses, and a huge workload only make it worse.

With these seven tips, you can make your workplace less stressful:

  1. Make the most of your breaks: Use your lunch break to diffuse stress. Do something you enjoy. Going outside for a walk lets you clear your head and does something healthy for your body. Do something you enjoy. Fifteen minutes of brisk walking can burn 50-100 calories, depending on your weight and the terrain.
  2. Nix the gossip: Unnecessary drama at work only leads to more frustrations. It can create distrust among co-workers, and add unneeded worry, apprehension, and stress to the job because you could become worried others are talking about you when you aren't around.
  3. Change it or accept it: This is much more difficult than it sounds, but if there are problems you can't change, then you should accept them for the way they are. However, if you can improve a problem, work actively at making them better.
  4. Dealing with people: Whether customers or co-workers, stress and frustration can be manifested directly at you. One way of coping with this is imagining yourself in their position, or better yet, focus on the person's better qualities, even if it's their taste in shoes.
  5. Express your frustrations: If you can't change your stress, it may be time to talk to someone about it. This could be the person who causes your stress, your supervisor, or human resources. Make sure to go in calm, cool, and collected so your concerns come off the way you intend.
  6. Have fun: Wherever appropriate, have fun. Smiling and laughing can ease tensions for you and those around you. Also, make little games out of your work, and possibly bring in a friendly co-worker for the fun.
  7. Leave it at work: When you leave work, try to leave it there. Coming home and letting the day spin through your brain doesn't give you a clean mental break from the stress and frustration of your day.