Any parent has been there: You’re late to pick up the kids, dinner is takeout (again), and that work assignment will just have to wait until tomorrow. Still, you whip out your phone, because obviously, there’s still time for an impromptu #momselfie on Instagram!

According the Pew Research Center, one third of parents under 40 are on Instagram. It’s no wonder why: You get to see what life is really like, whether it’s the never-ending laundry day, or finally catching your tyke do his stand-up routine on video. And unlike so many other social media platforms, the information parents share on Instagram is largely positive and often laugh-out-loud funny.

We’ve collected our top sites for a good laugh throughout the day, no matter what kind of parenting moment you’re dealing with.

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@Romperdotcom is a hilarious collection of memes, mom problems, and real-life kid behavior that will make you squeal in recognition, saying, “That’s my life!”

Anna Macfarlane’s @KidsAreTheWorst is your newest one-stop shop for social media education. These parenting memes and photos will have you rolling off your chair.

Celeste Barber is an Australian mother of four. @CelesteBarber going to give you serious life goals, which is merely a series of photos of celebrities whom she imitates to hilarious perfection. Perhaps the best? Her Chrissy Teigen impersonations. They are on point.

Lol-worthy kids’ photos, all day, every day. That’s what the @TheRealMomofInsta does best. Whether it’s the best family photo, or just the average crazy-baby-hair day, you will find yourself scrolling through the archive, both laughing and reassured that yes, even your family is completely normal.

We’ve all had those days. You think your kid can handle a public restroom by themselves, or you can’t get a single kid into pants, so underwear-is-the-new-leggings. Nobody captures the “when you” better than @AverageParentProblems.

You will fall in love with @AnnaDeniseFloor’s charming, hand-drawn cartoons about being a new mom. An Etsy admin and illustrator, Floor captures the sweetness and poignant humor of her new life, detailing the first year without crossing over into over-sharing, even when she’s illustrating the amount of drool on her new sweater.

Through the laughs, these accounts truly remind us when it comes to the craziness of parenting, you really don’t need to sweat the small stuff. Just have a phone ready to embarrass your spawn in 20 years.