Life can get complicated, but your fitness routine doesn’t have to be.  At a time when resources are short, the best results often come from the simplest solutions and bodyweight training is no exception.  One of the hottest new fitness trends takes us back to the basics and emphasizes the practice of simple exercises, like pushups and squats, to build better overall core strength, muscle endurance, and aerobic capacity.  Here are five reasons to start bodyweight training today, to get in shape faster and turn your body into a fat burning machine.

No weights? No problem!

Are you looking for the cheapest, most convenient workout in town?  For some, choosing a gym and signing a membership contract can be inconvenient and costly.  You may even find that the commute to and from the gym takes up too much time from your day, and suddenly working out starts to feel like more of a chore than an enjoyable experience.  Bodyweight training can be done in your home, at a local park, or in a hotel room with little to no equipment.

Start Enjoying Exercise Again

Remember the days when fitness was fun?  For most of us, that ended in our teenage years once we stopped playing sports with our friends.  Without the use of weights and machines, bodyweight training becomes stress-free and fun.  Being able to enjoy exercise will help you commit to being more active on a daily basis.  Taking your workout to the park will help you to reap additional benefits.  Studies show that exercising outdoors is associated with feelings of increased energy and revitalization, as well as decreased tension, anger and depression.

Build Muscle and Blast Fat

Have you ever wished there was an easier way to burn fat than spending hours each week on a cardio machine?  Bodyweight training combines the best of strength and cardio, allowing you to build muscle and simultaneously burn fat.  Without the use of equipment, performing bodyweight exercises allows you to alternate between various exercises with ease.  Completing a circuit of strength and cardio movements, such as a set of jumping jacks in between push ups and squats, will keep your heart rate high enough to get a great aerobic workout. 

Better Overall Physical Fitness

By performing bodyweight exercises, you are challenging your body to gain better balance, flexibility and power.  As opposed to training isolated muscle groups in the gym, bodyweight training better improves your core strength and allows your muscles to work in concert to carry out basic movements that train multiple muscle groups at once.  Bodyweight training helps you move easier in your every day life, and will improve poor posture that often leads to pain in the knees, hips and lower back. 

Come One, Come All

Bodyweight exercises can easily be performed by people of all ages and fitness levels, from children to seniors and athletes to rehabilitation patients.  Simple bodyweight movements allow you to work to your capacity and can be modified to suit all fitness levels.  Bodyweight movements allow you to start small and make measured progress with each workout by completing additional reps or moving at a faster rate as your athletic ability improves.  

Spring into Action

By making this training style part of your weekly routine, you will see big improvements in your overall fitness, including improved muscle building and fat loss, as well as truly enjoying the time you spend exercising.  Clear a space in your home or head to a nearby park, and set aside one hour each day to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Encourage friends and family to share in your activity, and check out this list of 50 Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do Anywhere for ideas on how to get started.



Sarah Dalton is the founder of Able Mind Able Body, a Las Vegas based company offering motivational lifestyle coaching and personal training services.  She takes a holistic approach to healthy living, and educates others on the benefits of nutrition, exercise, and emotional health.  Visit for more info.