Becoming a new mom might feel like you jumped on the wild ride of an endless rollercoaster. And while the love and joy for your first baby cannot be matched, you’re probably also discovering some other feelings that come along with this whole parenting gig.

We totally get it! To lighten the mood of your mixed, possibly strained or overwhelmed emotions, here are 28 feelings of a new mom, as depicted by Jess from “New Girl.”

  1. It all starts fine and dandy as you enjoy the perks of maternity leave:

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  3. But then it’s 2 a.m. and your baby is crying for the third time in an hour, and you feel exhaustion from sleep deprivation starting to hit:

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  5. And if sleeplessness wasn’t enough to make your brain foggy, you feel your brain turn to mush after reading 20 parenting books, only to find there isn’t one simple answer:

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  7. Through all those pages, you realize how lost you are in the journey of parenthood:

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  9. If all of parenting could be condensed, it would be like reading a pop-up book:

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  11. One shock that might come to your partner and friends is the discovery of your “mama bear ferociousness” that’s been dormant until now:

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  13. But even scary mama bear can lose perspective of her surroundings, feeling determined to get every baby move on camera:

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  15. And of course, your baby’s first word will come when the camera’s off. But it’s OK since you’re embracing the joy and shock of hearing your baby’s first word:

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  17. And when it’s time to start working, thoughts of hopelessness arise in trying to balance work and your baby, since you can’t even balance your coffee:

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  19. Of course, when your co-workers ask you how it’s going, you feel poised, saying it’s all under control:

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  21. Though at home, you realize it’s not. Then the panic sets in and you question every last parenting thing you’ve done:

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  23. Prioritizing your sanity, you have a newfound joy for your mother-in-law when she visits town offering to watch the baby:

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  25. And when your partner is on baby duty, you feel liberated in having a girls’ day:

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  27. But then missing your baby, you realize you haven’t showed your girlfriends the last 100 baby photos from the night before:

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  29. A new challenge always seems to arise, so you feel mostly ready when your baby poops for the first time and it’s time to change the diaper:

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  31. Of course everyone has their limits, and you’re not sure what to feel when you read the breastfeeding instruction manual for the first time:

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  33. And worrying about feeding another mouth breaks you from old college eating habits to learn what counts as a balanced meal:

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  35. If anything, you feel accomplished for becoming a master at building everything from baby furniture to the latest Lego set:

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  37. You may even feel like a covert spy after setting up the baby monitor:

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  39. Though you still feel the struggle of baby-proofing the house, including yourself:

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  41. And after about a month of tidying, you accept resignation about re-picking up toys:

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  43. Instead, you focus on calming the dangerous combo of stress and hunger:

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  45. But when the holidays roll around, you feel like Santa’s newly recruited elf for your baby’s first Christmas:

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  47. And your version of caroling is singing the baby to sleep. You may even feel like a pro when it comes to lullabies:

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  49. Though sometimes not even John Legend could calm your baby, and desperation sinks in after trying everything to stop your baby’s crying:

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  51. When you and your partner finally get some alone time, you’re not sure whether to trust the new babysitter or not, but decide date night must happen anyway:

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  53. But then babysitter calls and you fear date night might have to end early:

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  55. Through it all, however, your unconditional love for your baby makes everything worth it:

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